Tuesday, November 15th


Tuesday, November 15th




For time:
50 Toes to Bar*

*every time you come off the bar run a hill sprint

15 minute time cap.

Post results to Comments.

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  1. BAston

    Lower back work:

    3×7 straight leg dead lift: 135#
    2×15 reverse hyper w/ 20# on each side

    WOD: 6:21 rx’d in the rain (28/13/9)
    Matt offered a sub of 20 burpees but the consensus was no.

  2. JoJo

    Deadlift 5RM: 175-185-195-215-225 (PR’d 5M 225) 10lbs heavier than last deadlift

    T2bs: 7:34Rx, 3sets

    Accessory work: FPP 5-4-4-3-2

  3. Rich S

    DL 5 @ 275, did 3 @ 305 and dropped the bar. I spent to much energy on the DL, might have had something to do with my less than stellar TTB performance.

    6:53 Rx, 30-10-6-4 Live and learn.

    PR: 30 unbroken TTB

    1. BAston

      I cheered when Rich came off the bar that last time. I knew I had him! He was not happy 🙂

      It’s OK considering how much he kicked my ass yesterday.

  4. Jess RP

    15 min AMRAP
    9 deadlift @103
    7 Burpees over the bar
    5 T2B (switched to 15 sit-ups for last 2 rounds to avoid ripping hands)

  5. Roberts

    DL – 163
    Metcon – 37rx
    I stopped with about 1:30 left because I didn’t want to do another hill sprint. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow at OG ????

  6. 305# Sumo DL

    9:45 Metcon broken up 17 (6 strict), 14 (8 strict), 12 (5 Strict), 7 (4 strict)

    Bulletproof HIPS:
    Romanian Deadlifts: 4 x 6 last set at 145
    Sumo Deadlifts: x 40 @ 145

  7. Bryguy

    Deadlift 245×5

    Metcon 12:20

    Cash out:
    10×3 of banded muscle ups
    5×10 ring dips
    5×20 sec hollow hold 20 sec rest
    5×20 Arch holds 20 second rest

  8. J Cash

    Strict hspu
    Deadlifted yesterday so did touch and go power cleans for 5’s

    Metcon: 4:07 rxd

  9. johanna

    DL: 115-145-175-195-215(3)
    Metcon: 12:48 Rx’d (10-10-10-11-9)
    (20 burpees instead of hill sprint because of my knee pain)
    @dtm, matt said 20 burpees = 1 hill sprint due to wetness, so some of these rx’d on here are with the burpees as an FYI. 🙂

  10. Ashley Moduno

    9:30 RX 20/10/10/10
    Some kid yelled that I was fat twice while I was doing hill sprints. So there’s that… Jokes on him though. After making eye contact, he ran inside his house and now I know where he lives.

  11. dquat

    7:07rx 27,13,10
    27 was fast approaching max effort. kip stopped clicking

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