Tuesday, November 1st


Tuesday, November 1st


3 x 5


10 Rounds for Time
5 Power Clean, 105/155
10 Walking Lunges

15 minute time cap. Post all loads for the press and wod time to Comments.

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  1. JoJo

    warm-up set 55-60-65

    Working set 3×5 Press 70-72-75

    WOD:10:50 Rx Power clean technique/form getting better. YES! No touch and go, I reset after each one.

  2. Ashley Moduno

    69# because I clearly don’t know how to count…or add weight properly to a bar
    9:07 RX – First rule of trying to keep up with Jo is that you can’t keep up with Jo…..

    1. johanna

      we shared a bar and i added my 1 lb plate on my side and she didn’t on her side. so technically i did 69# for 2 sets too. =P

  3. Melissa TruHero

    Press @ 70#
    Metcon 8:15 RX’d
    Too much time trying to catch my breath in between sets

    Nice ladies 8pm!

  4. Bryguy

    Skill work: 5×5 pull-ups with minute rest.
    5x Max reps full lift to headstand

    Press 115#

    WOD 7:56 with 155# Sumo DL sub. Taking it easy on the lower back after this crazy weekend.

  5. Press: 3×5 @ 68#

    Metcon: 8:02 RX

    Post PT so my knee was feeling flexible. No pain in the lunges. Unbroken cleans the first five rounds. Then I broke as needed. That first one always went up easy.