Tuesday, November 29th


Tuesday, November 29th

Bros’ night is this Thursday at Heidelberg.
Come for the wurst, stay for the kirschtorte.


Push Jerk
5 x 3


21-15-9 reps for time of:
275/185-lb. deadlifts
Burpees, jumping over the barbell

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  1. BAston

    Push Jerk 3’s:


    I couldn’t get my breathing right on the last jerk at 200#, got 3/4 of the way overhead but couldn’t lock out. Next time.


    21/15/9 Reverse Hyper with 25’s / over the bar burpees
    Time: 6:45

    Back not feeling up to it this morning so stayed away from deads.

  2. Dan

    Push jerk 115-115-95-105-105. Still working on getting under that bar fast enough.

    Back felt kind of iffy so did the WOD with 115#, 9:07

  3. JoJo

    Push Jerk Warm-up set: 65-85-90-95 5-3-3-3 reps

    Working set: 5×3 #100 (3rd/4th slight struggle)

    WOD: 7:07 Rx

    Tackled Deadlift

    Burpees over bar
    9 (all out)

    Accessory work:
    FPP Day 16 C2B 76654

  4. dtm

    4×8 1-1/4 squats with 52.5 dbs

    Spiced up version of a fhitting room WOD:
    EMOM until failure
    6 DB russian swings 52.5# db
    6 DB thruster 52.5# db
    6 Burpees

  5. J Cash

    Push jerks
    I thought I was super man and decided to put 220. That was laughable. Did 1 1/2 reps and failed so then dropped to 205#

    Then 21-15-9
    Glute ham raises and burpee box jumps because I deadlifted yesterday. 7:30

  6. Ashley Moduno

    Push Press at 113#. Had to redo the first set because ONCE AGAIN I had uneven weights on the bar.

    WOD: 8:43 (or 53???) @ 153#

  7. jose

    push jerk- 145lbs (5 sets of 3 reps)
    wod- 21-15- 9 (deadlifts and burpess over the bar)
    155lbs- deadlifts

    time: 6:26

  8. JLee

    Push Jerks @ 125. Didn’t go up. Meh shoulders & bringing the weight back down feels awfully awkward at the mo. Safety first.

    WOD 11:51 @ 195. Deads really beat me up today. I think there was cartoon style smoke coming off my head at the end.

    Hammies burn out – Assault bike 6 x 1:00 sprint :30 off

  9. dquat

    should have split that last one to get under it. oh well!

    8ish rx … broke the rd of 15. ouch.