Tuesday, October 11th


Tuesday, October 11th


Strict press


Max rounds in 4 minutes of:
3 hang power cleans (165/115)
5 hand release push-ups
7 Russian swings (70/53)

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 3 cycles.

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  1. ERIC S.

    For the 4 min amrap, after the rest start back at the beginning!
    Every round is equal to 15 reps
    (so if you get 4 rounds your score is = 60 reps)

  2. BAston

    Press: 130#

    Wod: 125 reps rx’d. My knee has been bothering me since Saturday so I was going to play it safe with 155#, but Matt gave me his disappointed look, so I went rx’d. I felt like I was muscling the weight up every time. Cleans were very slow.

  3. dtm

    5 Rounds
    15 deficit push-ups
    Max L-sit (25,22, 19, 17, 10)

    5 Round EMOM
    5 sloooooow motion deficit push-ups

    I wanted to do sit-ups but my butt was too sore from yesterday. My chest is mush.

  4. Bryguy

    Press 120 for 3 reps

    WOD 156 reps at 125

    I liked this workout. My forearms failed at the end. Had trouble squeezing the brakes on my bike on the way home.

  5. Roberts


    My shoulder was bothering me after the press
    Metcon: got through 2 rounds @ 73 then called it a day

  6. JLee

    Moderate hotel workout. The gym is smaller than the Trop bathroom

    800m treadmill
    Lots of goblet squats then dumbbell front squats. Last set of 50#(x2) 10 reps. Hips feeling better. Shoulder still garbage.
    ESPN and a stationary bike cool down FTW