Tuesday, October 17th


Tuesday, October 17th

Benchmark WOD

20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats


10 Pistols
15 Pull-ups

Compare to Thursday, March 30th. Post rounds completed to Comments.

27 Responses

    1. Mike Wask

      First time I’ve done this one Rx so this is a PR by default. And I agree with BAston, whatever playlist that was this morning I need it at all times.

  1. Matt

    18+4 rx
    first 5 rounds strict & unbroken pulls and pushes
    later rounds strict chins and pushes in 5’s

    Compare to 22 rx on 7/5/16, I’ll take it. Will do today’s version again though, must improve push-ups and strict pull-ups in the meantime.

  2. AllisonR

    Did anyone from 6am take my keys by accident this morning??? If anyone see’s a set of keys laying around the gym please let me know!

    Cindy: 6+15
    kipping pull ups, regular push-ups (last 2 rounds were hand release)

  3. LaurenMargaret

    Cindy: 9+4
    5 Pull-ups – all kipping (no bands!)
    10 Push-ups – first four rounds regular, last five knee
    15 Air squats

  4. Alice

    15+4 rx

    [6 reps shy of my best. hit the same old wall.]

    awesome job to all the 6am-ers on first-time Cindy or first Cindy as rx’ed. lots to be proud of today!

  5. JLee

    Cindy: 14+8 Rx push ups were slow

    Previous best was 16+5 w/ ring rows from a while back. I think the math says this is better