Tuesday, September 13th


Tuesday, September 13th

Andy is looking swole doing his flexperiments.


10 minutes of practice
Stalder Press


5 Rounds for Time
500m Row
10 Ring Dips

Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.

Post final time minus rest to Comments.

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  1. ledbelly


    Warm-up- 185(5)-225(4)-275(3)
    1 rep – 315-335-355-375-395 (Wish I had some spotters today)

    Squat (135) and 400 meter runs

    Being injured forces me to do wods with running – ewwww

  2. BAston

    12:35 rx’d (the last 2 rows were really, really bad).

    Stalder presses exposed my impressive lack of hip mobility / flexibility.

  3. ERIC S.

    Low hang snatch (below the knee)
    155, 160,165,179,175,180,185(f)
    Then 10 min
    9 deadlifts @275
    12 bar facing burpees
    250m row

    3+21 Rx’d
    Hammies are sore from yesterday’s gh raises

  4. Ashley Moduno

    15:49 but did 5 ring dips instead of 10. Dips were a bit shaky- need to work on locking out at the top.
    Did 3 rounds of 10 T2B, 20 ab mat situps

    Alejo: 11:34 RX -need to go deeper in the dip!
    Did 3 rounds of 10 T2B, 20 ab mat situps

  5. JLee

    13:44 Rx

    1515 on the fish game. New top score. Writing it down for Matt to (try to) beat it next time. Is this what they mean by Crossfit Games?

  6. Melissa TruHero

    Got out of work super late but in time for 730 stadler attempt and my favorite…endurance!

    20:55 with 5 ring dips each round except for the last one. Only got 3 and died haha.

    Darcy is my hero.