Tuesday, September 6th


Tuesday, September 6th

Clear your calendars! This Friday we are meeting for drinks at The Weir at 7:30pm.
And on Sunday, EWOD + Yankees Game at 10:30am. Don’t miss out!


On the minute for 20 minutes:
Minute 1: 7 Back Squat, 165/245
Minute 2: 20 GHD Sit-Ups
Minute 3: 20 Push-Ups
Minute 4: 12 Box Jump 24/20

Post scaling and success/failure to Comments.

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  1. BAston

    Back Squat: 185# (scaled down the last few rounds to 6 reps, I was dying)
    GHD’s, Push-Ups, BJ’s rx’d

    Everything catches up to you in a hurry.

  2. Brian Bobby

    155# back squat, ab mat sit-ups.
    Did full reps first two rounds, then did 18 sit-ups, 18 push-ups for 2 rounds, then 16/16 last round.
    At least box jumps I could Rx. 🙂

  3. ERIC S.

    Warm up 3 rds of 10 Box Jumps, 10 single leg RDL w/KB, 10 ring dips

    Snatch 7×2 Low hang snatch @145

    Wod 3 Rounds for time
    20 alternating pistols
    15 deadlifts 205#
    4 strict MSU
    11:56 Rx’d

  4. Melanie

    Fun/Hard WOD to come back to… Took it fairly light but I think scaled appropriately to be able to finish all reps and have appropriate rest within the minute –

    105 BS
    scaled to 10 for GHD’s and push-ups – probably could have done 12 or 15 reps

  5. Denise

    Back squats: first 2 rounds at 123# then dropped down to 93#. Stayed at 7 reps
    20 ab mat sit ups
    15 knee push ups
    12 box step ups

    Taking a step back and reducing the intensity this week.

  6. dtm

    Squats: Ladies Rx
    abmat sit-ups
    deficit push-ups
    BJs @24

    A combo of tapering and being fried from yesterday’s hangover chipper held me back in this one.