Strength WOD:
Overhead Squat

Conditioning WOD:
3 Rounds:
40 KB Swings 16/24
20 Burpee Tuck Jumps

β€œI do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.”
– Mikhail Baryshnikov

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  1. marilina

    Saturday = Metropolis Summer Kick-off party
    7:30pm – midnight
    Bring drinks or food, bring company!
    215/217 E 96th, on the NE corner at 3rd, next to the mosque.

    Ask to go to the party room as Bialos/Kim’s guests.
    Press ST elevator button.
    My number is 914-584-3805

  2. Jared

    First official 6am class!

    OHS: 100(3)-115(3)-125(3)-135(3)-145(3)-150(3)
    I failed my first shot at 150, but don’t tell anyone. I knew I could get it though, so I got it on my second try with better concentration.

    MetCon: cut off at 10 minutes at 2 rounds + KB swings

  3. Vikram

    Sorry I missed Jared’s first 6 AM! Decided to sleep in and rehydrate after “Murph.”

    A fantastic weekend. Great meeting new CFM friends!

    Already looking forward to V-neck Friday and Saturday’s par-tay.


  4. Adam Van Auken

    OHS – 95-105-115-125-130-135(1). Off 15# from 145 PR on 10/26/11 but I’m happy with it since I could barely lift my arms overhead from Murph.

    “Enter Sandman” (I don’t need encouragement to keep doing this.) – 2 Rounds 15 swings.

  5. Adam Van Auken

    Missed you Vikram. Anyone other Murphers crazy thirsty yesterday? I was just guzzling liquids all day.

  6. mcohen

    OHS: 65(5)-75(3)-80(3)-85(3)-85(3)-85(2).

    I actually saw OHS in our programming this morning, and I was excited. We have to tackle our goats or we are just kidding ourselves that we are doing crossfit.

    Metcon: 2 rounds and 13 swings.

    Just a personal observation, drink water pre workout, during the workout and post workout. It is going to be a long hot summer.

  7. Ben

    Resting shoulder so went with back squat


    These felt great and right on target as 5 x 195 was my max a couple weeks ago.

    Metcon: 2 Rounds + 20 Swings + 8 Burpees (16 kg)

  8. Katie

    OHS: 37-42-47-52-52-52-52

    Metcon: 2 rounds + 40 kbs + 8 burpees RX’d

    We missed you at 7:00 Jared!

  9. mikey.bialos

    kept form good right up until the last rep

    metcon – with ladies weight.. cutoff with 18 burps to go

  10. vicnord

    52(3) 57(3) 62(3) 67(3) 72(3) 77(3) felt controlled throughout – completed final rep & bailed – my 1RM is 80# so this is progress

    metcon – 16kg KB – 1round +53 – total shitshow – felt like I had end stage emphysema & breathing the equivalent of mud. Need a remedy.

  11. Brett


    Once hips and shoulders loosened up was able to increase weight. Still need to work on form.

    Yankeecon – 1 round + kbs + 6 burpees. Really awful at burpees. Used 16 kg on kbs.

  12. Sam B


    2 rounds – 1 pood KB (heaviest available)

    WOD at Globogym – – the OHS felt strong — could have gone slightly heavier, but was afraid of dropping weight at the gym

  13. BAston

    Got up to 130, def a good PR for an OHS. Thanks to Brad, always fun lifting with you.

    Metcon: 2 rounds. Think I had 1 pood, nothing else available. Distracted by Brooke flashing me.

    Good to see the 5:30 crew.

  14. plugpilot

    OHS: 95(3), 105(3), 110(3), 115(3), 120(3), 125(2, Fail), 125(3)
    It’s all about focus. Thanks Brian!

    METCON: 2 rounds + 35 KBS Went into it really thinking I could get finished before the 10 min cutoff. Failed. Damm.

    Good to be back!

  15. sam


    Might have been able to go a little heavier but was concentrating on getting low and staying there a little while.

    Metcon: 2 + 13 kbs (used 16 instead of 24)

  16. EJ

    Kudos to Laura W hitting some new PRs today! πŸ™‚

    OHS: 95(3), 105(3), 110(3), 115(3), 120(3), 125(2, Fail), 130 @ bodyweight (3)

    *I realized my 125 fail was because I lost focus. 130 felt solid.

    Metcon: 2 rounds + 4 burpees

    *heat definitely played a big factor. Not to mention being sore from yesterday’s Murph.

    Accessory: 21-15-9 GHD situp/back ext

  17. maryseem


    Closest max to this was my previous 2 rep max @ 65#. Needless to say that max no longer applies.

    1 + 10 burpees

  18. marilina

    40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 60
    These are the heaviest OHS I’ve done since my hand has been useless. Pretty happy

    subbed KB with GHD back extensions
    2 rounds, 40 GHD BE, 14 tuck jumps

    I, for one, love and appreciate the OCD way of neatening up the gym and its equipment. The ascending order of height of the KBs is a beautiful, but aesthetic thing, but not having the plates potentially fall on someone (hundreds of pounds!) is great.

  19. Tommy

    Moving like a slug today after a long weekend of booze and cheeseburgers…

    OHS – 95-100-100-100-105-115-125

    Metcon: 1 round + 40kbs, 17 burps – RXd

  20. jmiz

    85-95-100-95-95-95-95. It doesn’t seem like much, but I love being able to OHS 95#.

    1+41. Wrists all messy after the OHSs.

  21. sassypants

    *could have gone up, but Allison wanted me to practice hanging out at the bottom. felt good, plus 90 was my previous 1rm so i’m looking forward to doing these more often, especially if they will help my snatch

    9:26 rx’d
    *round 1 kb unbroken, round 2 20+20, round 3 super broken
    *my tuck jumps were pitiful

    ***I love swings and after using 1.5 pood lately, the little black ball felt like…a little black ball.

  22. Alicia

    warm up: 45/45/45/50
    actual: 55/60/65/70/75/80/90PR
    previous PR 85 10/26/11

    metcon: 2 rnds – subbed GHDs for KB swings, slow walking burpees w/ no jumps

    screwed up my back a few weeks ago during deads which is sending shooting pains in my lower back, down my right side & up through my neck. Today was the 1st wod where the pain affected everything I did. Taking recommendations for a back doctor now…it hurts to sneeze πŸ™

    on a happier note, great to see Raf fight through the OHS! πŸ™‚

  23. alexsnape

    That list of travel CrossFit workouts has some pretty funny names “Visiting My Sister”, “Burping Cindy”.


    I failed on the second 145 so I stopped there and dropped the weight back to go focus on getting low low low low.

    2 rounds even on the metcon.

  24. Jason Castro

    Stayed at 95 lbs on the OHS, first time doing it and worked on getting deep. Hips felt tight after yesterdays workout.
    Metcon: 2 rds+ 14

  25. bfarrel

    OHS: 135-145-155-160-165-170-175. These keep getting better as Bboy and Allison keep teaching them. Props to your coaching.

    Metcon: DNF as rx’d. 2 rounds + 20. Really tough in that heat.

    EJ, thanks for the push during the metcon. You crushed today.

  26. dlede

    OHS: 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 160 (PR), 160×2

    I gotta say this is the first time I literally hung out for the bottom and getting comfortable there before coming up, big difference

    met con: 2 rds + 31. finished in 12:05.. shared a KB with mark so rested a bit more than I would have so figured might as well finish the thing.. good way to get back into it after a weekend of booze and lack of exercise

  27. PJ

    95-105-115-115-115-115-120. All sub parallel but I need to get deeper. refuse to give up back arch.

    2 rounds + 31. Felt beat up from yesterday and missed my Oly shoes!

  28. Brooke


    Pretty good for me post surgery. Unfortunately the “good” arm hurt.

    marilina you maxed out at 70, not 60.

    Baston – any time!!!!

    Metcon – 2 rounds + 50 reps of
    40 3/4 KB swings (full ROM not possible yet)
    20 GHD’s


  29. Laura

    Thanks EJ for the coaching and encouragement. Definitely helped in what always feels like a scary lift to me.

    2rounds + 14kb swings

  30. LB

    65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95(F), 90(F)

    Dropped funny when failing at 95, couldn’t get back into it


    Alex Snape has great looking OHS

  31. zlewis3187

    First time overhead squatting, 65, and did 2+20 on the swings/burpee tucks. Looking forward to tomorrow’s morning fun!

  32. rafael

    Overhead Squat
    First time I faced overheads I had just pulled groin and I had to stay at 95lbs. Ready to start at heavier weight – get wrist support…say 125-130lbs

    Alicia, thanks for the encouragement.

    Conditioning WOD: 2 Rounds Rx’d
    3 Rounds:
    40 KB Swings 16/24
    20 Burpee Tuck Jumps

    Need to drop 3-5lbs of FAT to improve my conditioning again

  33. cat

    85(3), 95(3), 100(3), 105(3), 110(3), 115(3), 120(3)

    40 DU’s
    20 tuck jumps

  34. AllisonNYC

    113 – 123 – 133 – 143 – 153

    2 + 17KBS

    Props to everyone who finished that metcon. I felt like I had flames coming out of my shirt and my body was tweaking out the whole way home.

    GREAT job tonight, everyone. I know it can be tough to stay true to the depth and what we were asking of you. But I PROMISE that once you get adjusted to it you’ll be so happy with where all of your hard work takes you… especially once the snatches come up.. SO EXCITED for that!!!

    Thank You So much, Marilina. πŸ™‚ That makes it all worth it.

  35. Mike T

    OHS – 65, 65, 75, 75, 85, 85(F), 85(F), 85

    Got the 85 for 3.. then failed twice. Had to throw an extra set in there since I knew I could do it. I realize I wasn’t concentrating enough on keeping the barbell controlled and back as I came down on the failed sets. Also hard to stay on my heels for some reason. Puny weights I know.. but it makes me realize how weak I am at this lift, and how I need to put in A LOT of work to improve it. Explains why I suck at snatching too!

    Metcon: 1rnd + 52 reps (24lb KB swings)

  36. DT

    Tooooooo much long biking this weekend.

    Did front squats 135x3x7 to try and loosen hips up and shake the posterior loose. (Mildly successful.)

    2 rounds, swings and a burpee.

  37. Kevin

    did 65 on OHS :/. i felt tight and i was biking all week. tough to get low, but kinda sorta loosened up enough by the end

    2 rds + 10 kb swings (with 16kg kb’s)