Wear Your V Neck?


Wear Your V Neck?

Jared is on board with V-Neck Fridays.
What’s your vote on his idea of Tank Top Tuesdays?!  😉

For Time, Alternating Between Exercises:
Overhead Squat:  10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
L Pull-Ups:  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10

Last 10 – 10 – 10 OHS WOD
Get deep, pause in the bottom… Think receiving position of the Snatch

Original CFHQ Vid of Nicole trying for 15 BW OHS
Can you do 15 BW OHS yet?

Cash Out:
Tabata AbMat Sit-Ups

** Score is Lowest Round! **

Change is such hard work.
–  Billy Crystal

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  1. Jared

    this is one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me!

    tank top tuesday is catching on. extra points for pink tank tops!

  2. AllisonNYC

    I vote YES for specific types of tanks – like wife beaters and those cut t-shirts with really big arm holes (man side boob)

    But don’t get crazy like Jared wants you to! There will be a burpee penalty for every pink tank worn by a guy. That’s MY color!! 🙂

  3. Vikram

    Go J! Great picture!! I’m still on the fence about the tank, though. Sorry. I’m “torn.”

    Work…exhausted. Skipped today. Sucks because OHS are the bane of my existence. I need to practice those more than anything.

    Alas, no V neck for V today. Miss you guys.

  4. Jared

    as a guy, I think it should be a real tank. Pink is best, but any color is fine.

    OK, now to v-neck Friday (no skinny or AVA)

    19:40 @ 115# – all unbroken except…
    I had to change the bar during the set of 9 because the shiny new bars were digging into my sensitive hands. The OHS felt great around the set of 5.

    v-neck: rx’d

  5. mcohen

    A fantastic Gym Belle Friday.

    13:46 @ 65 lbs.

    First, it is fun to watch Heavy V evolve as a crossfitter. It is like looking in the mirror from 2 years ago seeing him talk about his mobility and his OHS. Keep it up my man, it will come.

    Second, I have to pay a compliment to Jared. It may go to his head, but he has no ego so we should be okay. On his last overhead squat, with what I percieve as serious weight on the bar, he sat down in that squat and had an entire conversation with me. Looked like he was down there for an hour. Great job…

  6. PJ

    @CF LIC last night I met everyone’s favorite Dr. Mike Murray. Took him about 3 minutes to find a huge ball of scar tissue above my left knee and by the end of the session I could drop into full squat 100% pain free.

    The other cool thing I learned is John Brown’s Smokehouse relocated just a couple blocks from CF LIC. If anyone wants to grab some brisket, I’m shooting for Tues & Thurs night next week.

    Have a great weekend one & all, and DT go kick ass.

  7. Valbona

    Nice one V.

    I need to get myself a new V neck from H&M

    Great Friday!

    WOD 14:17 @53# and GHDs instead of pull ups. Tried the wrist wraps for the first time. Pretty good!

  8. alexsnape

    ~ 18:00 at 95# unbroken, so I probably could have gone heavier.

    Pull ups were messy after the 4th round and turned into regular dead hangs by the last few.

    I think I may have missed a round and/or looked at my time wrong, so more pleased with some good OHS practice.

  9. Brooke

    Speaking of V-necks.

    Does anyone want to take their V neck on the road to Queens to join me for the Mets-Dodgers baseball game tonight? Games at 7 p.m. and apparently Daughtry is playing after the game.

    Email me at [email protected] if you want to come watch some beisball!

  10. EJ

    I’ll be placing another order TODAY. If you had problems finding a rope to use yesterday, consider investing in your own.

    Please email me ([email protected]) if you’d like more information. Wrist wraps (https://www.strengthwraps.com/)

    *DOUBLE UNDER help – Sunday, 7/22 @ 12pm

    On Sunday, 7/22 Coach Eroc and I will be having an informal skills clinic on DUs. Just come prepared with your jump rope (if you have one) and we’ll break down some progressions to practice and give you some pointers on how to improve your DU skills.

    E-mail me ([email protected]) if you want a spot.

  11. Tommy

    17:37 w/ 95lbs. Not 100% sure about my time.

    The L-Sit Pull ups were unbroken rounds 1-6 then it was all down hill. Had to break them up into 3s and 2s.

    Great warm up/stretch with lauren.

    Big thumbs up on the Tank Tops 🙂 !

  12. bfarrel

    @Jared: my favorite part of this picture is not the lime green V; it’s your “I see out-of-the-corner-of-my-eye look but I’m still going to dominate this lift. Well done.

    @PJ: I’m thrilled to hear you saw Doc Mike. He mentioned this to me yesterday and I was fired up because it’s incredible how quickly you can come in a short time. 5 sessions in and I’m moving so much better. Only a couple more and I’ll be back in full “Experiment” mode. I’ll be there Thursday @ 6:40 straight crushing some scar tissue. It would be awesome to dominate some brisket afterward with you. Consider me in.

    @DT: I’ll see you Sunday, but I might as well announce good luck to you on the blog. D.T.F. with fighter jets. BOOM.

  13. jmiz

    Question to you L1 cert folks: I’m going to be 6 week post-op when I go to the 8/4-5 cert, which means i’m probably stuck with PVC-everything…is it still worth doing the cert or should i delay? Delayed once already and would like to get it done…thanks.

  14. EJ

    @jmiz – yeap totally with Allison. You use the PVC and a med ball. Not to worry. Remember CF is all about being scalable 🙂 You’ll enjoy it.

    @PJ – so happy to hear it went well w/Dr. Mike. It’s interesting how a little ART technique goes a long way in improving ROM.

  15. Carlos

    @jmiz.. Totally agree with Allison and EJ. You won’t miss out at all, nor will you feel out of place at all. As they said, everyone uses PVC during the instruction and drills anyway. And the only other active component of the Cert is the workout each day. But plenty of people sit those out, be it because of injury, rest, or to listen carefully to the cues that the trainers give the participants. I sat out one of the workouts for that last reason, as did other people at my Cert, and I’m very happy I did, so this could actually be a blessing in disguise for you at the Cert.

  16. mikey.bialos

    nice rainy run around the park with wifey.. but something exciting happened today- i started leaning forward and landing on the balls of my feet, and kept doing it. i’ve been running and heel-striking for decades now, so this is pretty crazy.

    anyhoo- off to climb this weekend. smell u guys later.

  17. mikey.bialos

    cancel the above excitement.. i just talked to my little brother (crossfit OGER, seattle), who apparently knows about this stuff, and he said i’m still probably doing it wrong, and more likely to get hurt this way. frustrating. maybe i should just stop running

  18. Amylynne

    16:58 at 73 lbs RX’D

    Tabata situps 13 (Dave says no such thing as PR on this but I’m counting it anyway)

  19. dlede

    19:38 115# but rx L sit

    huge improvement from the last time we did a similar wod, all deep squats, no failed reps.. woohooo

  20. sassypants

    Weather in Taichung, Taiwan:
    93F + Humidity 52%

    Didn’t think about that when I planned this wod for myself.

    All with two 15lb dumbells I had at home:
    Farmers Walk 400m incline to track
    OHWL 400m around track
    Walking curls for the girls 400m home from track

    The OHWL took me 27:04, whole thing took about 35:00. It was much harder than I predicted and it’s so humid here my fingers are pruny like I just surfed for an hour!

  21. Joe

    21:[email protected]# – small steps with shoulder nbut feeling good

    L-Sits through the round of 4/7 then swithed to knees up for 3/8 and 2/9 finsihsing with 1/10 strict pullups.

    Thansk to Nicola for cheering em on and I felt lik ewe were back at Metrop 1.0 as we all finished and where cheering for Nick who was mashing 135# OHS’s. We need to do that more!!!