Wed, Feb 7th and Thurs, Feb 8th


Wed, Feb 7th and Thurs, Feb 8th

Wednesday Olympic Lifting

On the minute for 20 minutes:
Snatch Pull + Snatch + Hang Snatch + OHS

Thursday CrossFit

In 20 minutes, complete as many reps as possible of the following:

30 calorie row
15 ring dips
10 deadlifts

Men use 275 lbs. barbell and women use 185 lbs.

Post reps and loads to comments


47 Responses

    1. Matt

      PM OG weakness work
      205-lb front squats
      Chest to bar pull-ups

      10:21, 28 seconds faster than last week’s sister workout

  1. BAston

    I hate the term, but took an “active rest day”, get the blood flowing.

    5 sets of 10 bench press @ 135# with 3 MU transitions with red band in between.

    5 1 minute sprints on ass bike with 45 seconds rest.

    Yesterdays lunges destroyed my ass.

  2. robseda

    10min emom: clean pull, clean, hang clean, front squat
    135, 165×2, 185×7
    Lower back was barking so didn’t go any heavier
    Weighted pull-ups/deficit hspu superset
    5×5 40# for pull-ups
    3”-5, 4”-4, 3”-5, 3”-3, floor-6

  3. Rekas

    Solo OG sesh at 10am
    Thrusters @65#
    Assault bike calories

    +10 min of muscle-up transition work

    1. Rekas

      Thursday CrossFit
      3+53 @145#
      ring-dips in sets of 3s (woot!)

      10′ c2b emom w/dtm
      5-6-4-6-5-5-6-6-6-7 (56 total reps)

    1. BAston

      For anyone clicking on this at work, a giant well toned ASS pops right up on your screen. So use caution.

      @Joe, I’m glad it wasn’t my fault this time. But that’s 2 days in a row for you!

    2. BAston

      Joe and I have the best text conversations, and sometimes they involved aggressive twerking gifs.

      ** Alice saw the exchange this morning and laughed, so I stand by my gif.

  4. dtm

    First time at the Trop since Dec 20.

    4+21 @225#

    1 bar muscle-up

    Unbroken C2B EMOM w/ Wreckass and she wrecked me.

  5. Rekas

    5 and 6pm great job tonight! If any of you took a dark gray CFM sweatshirt I think it was mine (your small size is in the office at the gym). Thank youuu