Wed February 14th & Thurs February 15th


Wed February 14th & Thurs February 15th

AMRAP your arms around someone you love. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Wednesday Olympic Lifting

hang power snatch

snatch push press

hang power clean

Thursday CrossFit


For time:
1000 meter row
45 pound Thruster, 50 reps
30 pull-ups

Women use 35 lbs. barbell, men use 45 lbs. barbell
Post time to comments


100 push-ups

47 Responses

  1. robseda

    BS(3): 255-275-285-290-295
    10 min ascending ladder 3,6,9…
    Strict pull-ups
    Box jumps (used the stack of mats, maybe 28”?)

  2. Lina

    hang power snatch (55,60,60,60)
    snatch push press (60,65,70,75) I modified to push press.
    hang power clean (85,90,95,95).

    Awesome class, I really enjoy having Liz as a coach! Thank you Liz.


    hang power snatch 95

    snatch push press 95

    hang power clean 105

    Amazing Class and amazing music selection….Thanks Liz!!!

  4. dtm

    A) 5 Rounds
    12 Standing See-Saw Strict Press w/ 50# DBs
    Max L-Sit between sets (32-27-25-24-14)

    B) 5 Rounds FT
    20 Goblet Squats 55# KB
    10 Burpees

    C is for Curlzzz

  5. BAston

    Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes (3 sets) of:
    Interval 1 – Wall-Facing Handstand Marching x 20 reps
    Interval 2 – Wall Climb x 4 reps
    Interval 3 – Ring Pull-Ups (with False Grip) x 8 reps
    Interval 4 – Ring Dips (with or without scaling option) x 12 reps

    1. BAston

      Five sets for max reps, each against a 3-minute running clock:
      Row 500 Meters
      Strict Handstand Push-Ups x Max Reps
      Rest 3 minutes between sets.
      4/5/5/5/5 (started my row late in round 1, and it cost me).

  6. Matt

    Snatch Push Press from Oly, but I did 5’s accidentally

    15 min AMRAP
    20 C2B Pull-Ups
    20 OH Walking Lunges, 50-lb dumbbell
    20 hip extensions, 45-lb plate

    Dip Rehab A Day

  7. D-Nice

    7am OLY
    hang power snatch triples: 70-75-75-80
    snatch push press triples: 85-90-95-100
    hang power clean triples: 105-110-115-120

    Thanks coach Liz for all of the cheerleading during our lifts!!

  8. Matt

    Attention female athletes!

    “The Baylor Scott &White Medical Center and the Urology/Gynecology Departments are conducting a survey on female Crossfit athletes as a research study. The purpose of the study is to characterize pelvic floor symptoms in women who participate in regular, high intensity Crossfit workouts.

    We are looking female athletes 18 years or older, nationwide, in our study to help us identify urology and gynecology symptoms. Our study is completely ANONYMOUS and will take 5 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, ladies will have the opportunity to be put in a drawing for an iPad. We would appreciate it if you could help us distribute this survey to your athletes.”

  9. BAston

    CF Kailua
    5 rounds: 400m run / 6 G2O @ 135# / 12 C2B
    Time: 19:55 rx’d
    (That’s right, I ran motherfucker!). No pain!

  10. ChisaS

    1000 meter row
    33lb Thruster, 50 reps
    30 band pull-ups


    25 knees down push-ups and 25 push-ups 10min