Wed, Jan 31st and Thurs, Feb 1st


Wed, Jan 31st and Thurs, Feb 1st

Wednesday Oly

Power Clean + Hang Clean + Push Jerk + Split Jerk

Thursday CrossFit

21-15-9 reps for time:
Front Squat, 205/135
Toes to Bar

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  1. BAston

    6am Oly:


    Sticking point was the hang squat clean (first time squatting any weight in a few weeks due to foot).

    1. BAston

      Evening ring muscle up work with Matt.

      Great drills and got some quality MU’s and (curse free) attempts.

      Thanks again, Matt.

  2. robseda

    OG Oly with Matt: did most at 185 for jerk practice; last two at 195; then did clean singles at 215 and 225

  3. Alice

    AM OG
    MU work: singles x8 (next time add in bar MU in same session)
    5×10 hip extensions

    Oly C&J Complex
    [these felt really good – jerks are improving]

  4. OG:
    Deadlift: 3×5 315#

    Rich$’s Crossfit N.E. workout.
    30cal Row
    30 ab mat situps
    30 KB swings 32 kg
    KB Swings were american, the shoes are Italian, and the handgun is brazilian /Israeli

  5. Darcy

    I bailed on Sass’s 15min AMRAP
    Joined Rich ☝????but only did 3 rounds.
    16kg KB Russian
    20:49 sandbagged the whole thing ????????‍♀️

  6. Jon M

    Oly Wednesday,
    Worked from 135 up to 155.

    Thursday Wod 11:40 155
    Started at 175, but ended up dropping it down during/after the first round

  7. Liz

    Brick Boston oly
    3×3 c&j: 73-83-88
    5×2 c&j: 88-88-93-98-98
    Accessory: 3×10 btn split strict press @45, 3×5 fs 95-115-135

  8. Joe


    Let Matt hype me into going for 205, did 26 total reps there and dropped down to 185

    And now I’m walking funny