Wed, Jan 3rd and Thurs, Jan 4th


Wed, Jan 3rd and Thurs, Jan 4th

Snow day alert! Your neighborhood gym is open for business. Unless the weather gets much worse, come on in at any class time for a hot cup of gainz. Stay toned for further updates.

Heads up, next Saturday the 13th is bring-a-friend day! Bring a friend to any class! Share the hurt.



Push Press + Push Jerk

Post all loads to comments.

CrossFit WOD

3 rounds for time of:
Row 250 meters
35/25-lb. dumbbell thrusters, 18 reps
4 ring muscle-ups

If you do not have ring muscle-ups, perform a challenging pull-up variant instead.

Post time to comments.

50 Responses

  1. BAston

    Last Friday’s wod


    Pretty rough coming back to that one, but felt good picking up a barbell.

  2. dtm

    Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
    10 Burpees
    15 single-arm overhead lunges, 50# dumbbell
    20 sit-ups
    7+22 URx

    Curlzzz while cooking breakfast.

  3. Matt

    Active rest day
    Day 1 and Day 2 of Matt’s Abbreviated Shoulder Protocol, an abridged version of Derek’s Pec / Shoulder Girdle Protocol

    Clean + 2 FS
    95-115-135-145 x 5

    Soft Max Front Rack Hold at BW w Jun

  4. Darcy

    26:10 Rx
    3 rounds for time
    60 squats
    30 knees to elbow
    30 ring push ups

    Thanks for braving this one with me Richie!

  5. Joe

    190-200-210-220-230(f, got under it twice and could t stand up)


    Lots of handstand work

  6. OG:
    5×5 Back squat, 225, 235, 235, 245, 255 <— stripper action
    5×5 Shoulder Press 115, 125, 125, 130, 135 (4 reps)

    Thursday's WOD subbed c2b for MU's

  7. Ashley Moduno

    5 rft: 16:05
    5 strict pull ups
    3 strict ring dips
    15 wallballs

    50 ghdsu’s
    Tabata of hand stand holds and planks
    150 situps

  8. BigTuck

    Clean and Jerks some triples,
    Some doubles, some singles. Up to 175 (really showing the lack of attendance recently).
    Super set with 20 ab may sit-ups.

  9. Lina

    Wednesday: Clean1-1-1-1-1 Lina : (80,85,90,90,90)

    Push Press + Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1 Lina : (65,70,75,80,85)

    Thursday:Lina : 14:13 @20pounds and instead of ring muscle-ups I did 2 transitions 1 dip

  10. BAston

    15:26 with jumping ring transitions into a dip (I forgot the term Alice came up with)

    Struggle bus kind of morning. Q1 2018 goals: drop 10 lbs / get ring MU’s back

  11. sallys

    16:13 at #20 dbs with “high ring jumping muscle ups.” Rings were just above my head. These are hard!

  12. Rekas

    9:32 modified
    250m row
    18 strict press w/20# db
    4 jumping muscle up/transitions (catch in bottom of a dip)

    + first ever ring muscle up in practice (pr)

  13. dtm

    A) Snowday Partner WOD
    5 Rounds
    Partner A 30 KB Swings
    Partner B Holds a Plank

    B) Shoveling, lots of shoveling.

  14. JLee

    12:34 with 35# and jumping muscle ups. Rings set to about forehead level.

    Those thrusters… at least more fun than single dumbbell OHS!