Banded Good Mornings  (Curtosy of CFFB)

7 Rounds
30 Sec – Thrusters  65/95
Rest 30 Seconds
30 Seconds – Pull-Ups
Rest 30 Seconds

Cash Out:
Not For Time:
3 Rounds
25 Banded Good Mornings
12 Sprawls to Squat
(Working on maintaining great body positioning and landing in the right spot)

If you’re feeling guilty about wearing Olympic Lifting shoes and lifting a barbell instead of a sandbag…

You may have noticed that in our GWOD program, we often ask you to perform the strength GWODs “for QUALITY”. That means your focus should not be to rush it for time or reps, but you should execute the movement as clean as possible with good form so you can expose your holes and inefficiencies.
By regularly practicing good form, you’ll be way more efficient when you need to go fast, you’ll have way more options when you encounter the unknown and unknowable in a workout, and you’ll have way more opportunities for skill transfer to other movements.  Try it out!

–  Carl Paoli.
(Not to mention that you’ll stay injury free!   I think this is a badass idea and you might be seeing some WODs “For Quality” in the near future!)

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  1. Jared

    84 Thrusters
    76 Pullups
    160 Total Reps rx’d

    Rounds were like this:
    1: 13 – 18
    2: 12 – 12
    3: 11 – 10
    4: 10 – 9
    5: 10-9
    6: 8 – 8
    7: 6 – 9

    I went out as fast as I can and just tried to keep going. No gaming this at all.

    That was a very spacious 6am class!

  2. Adam Van Auken

    1 – 13 Thrusters, 13 kipping pull-ups
    2 – 10, 13
    3 – 8, 12
    4 – 8, 10
    5 – 8, 10
    6 – 9, 10
    7 – 10, 9
    Have to go right now but will work out strategy for next time and post below.

  3. PJ

    49 thrusters @75#, 41 pull ups strict. First time thrustering in months & it was about as bad as I remember. Would prob no-rep 1 or 2 of my pull ups but that was better than I’d expected after a long haitus.

    Anyone else’s abs shot from hollow rockin’?

  4. BAston

    121 rx’d. Forgot to write down my breakdown between rounds…. It was basically 7-8 thrusters, and 11-12 pull ups each round, stayed pretty consistent.

    95# is slowly starting to feel more comfortable for thrusters. Pull ups still need work, started and stopped too much on those.

  5. amy edelman

    98 total

    68 thrusters @ 63# (I should have picked up the 45# bar! Wasn’t thinking…next time!)
    30 pull ups. A few strict in there (& by few that means like 2-3, remaining were jumping with slow release) getting a few strict is huge from where I started about 2 months ago @ zero.

  6. dlede


    60 thrusters (I just go slow on these! never put the bar down but very methodical on all reps and its annoying when we go fast like this)

    102 pullups

    on the plus side I got off the pullup bar 3x total and never put the bar down on thrusters

    i agree with jared / disagree with adam.. for PM people, no strategy is needed.. its called 3-2-1.. go

    just dont put down the bar and get off the pullup bar and do as many as you can.. turn the brain off!

  7. Jared

    thanks AVA!

    145 total

    70 Thrusters
    75 pullups

    I have no idea how I added this morning. I was really messed up from this intense workout.

  8. ledbelly

    132 rx’d

    I hate thrusters but I like practicing popping my hips – crossfit is all about functional movement 😉

    Also, agree, no strategy necessary, just do it – Nike!

  9. EJ


    Metropolis Throwdown

    Team rosters are listed here

    If you cannot make it, PLEASE contact your TEAM captain!
    This is all the information I have

    Team 1 – Captain: (TBC), Team Ninja
    Team 2 – Captain: Dave, Team (TBC)
    Team 3 – Captain: Marilina, Team Green Weiner
    Team 4 – Captain: Rolf Team Blue Balls

    If you’re not on a team, send me a message([email protected]).

    Classes will be held like normal. Nothing changes except the matching team colors and the competition energy!

  10. mcohen

    Ok. It’s a little crazy that I went to Crossfit Westchester before a day attoning for my sins.

    Backsquats. 5’s building up to a heavy but manageable weight.


    I was by far the only person whose depth was legit. I live our coaches so much.

    Cashout. 1 mile row (1600 meters). 6:34.

  11. Amylynne

    Made up yesterday’s wod. Holy cow!

    6 rds in 26:10
    Did strict L sit rope climb for first rd. for rest I started without legs and made it less and less up the rope before needing to use my legs.
    Focused on touching nose to wall on wall walks but still need to pull hands in to wall a little more. T2B strict and focused on straight legs. And boy were 1pood step ups hard!

  12. marilina

    between the rope climbs and the pull ups off of AVA’s captain hook contraptions, my elbow is screaming. I will resume slow, strict pull ups from rings.

    58# for first two, 53# rest
    wasted a lot of time putting on and taking off hooks.

    fun wod!

    I agree with Skeletor and Three Pood – just go. One round I messed up a lot and dropped the bar twice and got half as many thrusters. The seconds go by quickly.

  13. Paige

    135 total

    60 thrusters @65#
    75 pull ups- 2-3 strict most rounds then went to jumping.
    Pull ups failed last two rounds- all jumping to negative.

    Once I dropped the bar, I was done- didn’t matter how many seconds were left on the clock.

  14. Jared

    AVA – in competition, sure, do the strategy. In training, I think the best option is to go all out. Don’t get me wrong, I have gamed plenty of WODs.

    3 posts – done!

  15. EJ

    Made up yesterday and cut myself off at 6 rounds. Keeping the integrity of those wall climbs with pulling the hips off the wall each time was a different stimulus for sure. Not to mention the step ups but getting at full extension before placing the other foot down

    Feeling it for sure! Bummed I’m missing this one

  16. Vikram

    I’m going to pay dearly for this…but B-boy, I raise you KPO’s post with a distance run challenge. Name it. 10K? 20K? My skinnyness has its benefits.

    So scared to challenge the master. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    In all seriousness, I have stopped running because of you and Allison – and am discovering a whole new (better) way of life. GRACIAS!! I feel so much better. But I do miss kicking ass at something…

  17. Adam Van Auken

    Vikram – what was your best marathon time? Just curious, if you don’t mind. I’ve noticed your running skillz.

  18. AllisonNYC

    Swimming might not e the best bet.. Remember, he’s a Cali boy and lived in the water. Woke up early to surf before CrossFit WODs. 🙂

    And have you seen that mans Calves?! He’s the fastest guy I know.. even at long distances

    He’s all that AND a bag of chips!

  19. PJ

    Swimming, running, blah blah blah. When you are ready to step up to excel spreadsheets, come at me bro. We’ll see how long your lumbar curve lasts when the #REFs start flowing. Boom!

  20. Lightbody

    107 total Rx. Went 44 on thristers and 63 chinups. Doing 95# consistently on the thrusters bc i want to do Fran better. Butt this shoulder inflexibility is really limiting my thruster mechanics and i know the weight is not going to go higher or times faster till its better. Ugh. Keep stretching i guess.