Happy 30th Birthday, ALICIA!!!!!


Happy 30th Birthday, ALICIA!!!!!

Nico – the pull-up King – This workout is definitely for you..
If you see him in the gym, ask him to show you the “TypeWriter” or “Away & Back” Pull-Ups!  Bartendaz are missing a member.. and he’s hiding at CFM!

AMRAP in 20 Minutes
10 Push-Up on KBS, to Row
10 Windshield Wipers
10 Strict Pull-Ups

Push-Up / Row –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6JqqHTolKs
Wipers On the Floor + Modified –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X59_4RrU_aA
Hot Chick doing -em like a BOSS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&v=0naOASvxJX8&NR=1

Just for fun – One of my Fav old CF videos – Enough to make grown men feel like little boys –

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  1. Alicia

    5+3 heavily scaled
    12kg kbs, only 2 each side instead of 5. Wanted to make sure they were good reps. Wipers from the ground, green band pullups.

  2. BAston

    6 rounds even

    Picked up whatever weight KB’s were available. Windshield wipers hanging from the bars. Dead hangs for 5 rounds, then mixed kipping on last round.

    Be careful on KB’s as they can be very wobbly.

    @Mcohen, welcome back and thank you for the Arsenal hat!

  3. Vikram

    5+ 20, 16 kg kbs

    Felt form was an issue – getting hollowed out. Lucky for me BIG MIKE IS BACK to advise…

    Great class and coaching as always.

    B-boy is wise. Today’s quote: “FUC& CARDIO!”

  4. Adam Van Auken

    4+5 wipers.
    Push-up to rows – 1 pood, done as in video (push-up, left row, right row, repeat). Form improved a little but it was easy to let my feet creep up and back arch which makes it much easier.
    Wipers – done as in video (on floor) trying to keep feet straight which was hard
    Pull-ups – Nice to have one thing I don’t suck at in this WOD!

    I tried to concentrate on form and not speed. My problem is that I tend to be lazy when I do this. I need to find the proper balance.

  5. amy edelman

    5 rounds

    Wipers on the floor
    Banded pullups
    8kg for push ups – had to break them up to 5 at time after the 2nd round bc I kept comimg up arched.

  6. mcohen

    It is amazing to be home and back at 6 a.m.

    First, Happy Birthday to Alicia who came in and did not tell us its her birthday.

    5 rounds & 19 reps.

    That was an awesome core and lat workout.

  7. Nico

    6 rounds

    – 24kg KBs
    – Windshield wipers: for each set, hanging from the bars for the first two reps and the last 3 reps on the floor
    – Dead hangs all the way but only made chest contact with the bar in the first couple of sets

    Tough but awesome workout – will try to do the KB and windshield wipers more regularly to work on core and obliques

  8. Paige

    5 rounds +12

    started with pull ups strict and quickly went to the band
    winshield wipers on the floor
    8 kg for push up/rows- those seemed easier on paper!

    Welcome back Mike
    FU*K CARDIO! That’s B’s banded good morning!

  9. Amylynne

    6 + 27

    Pushups with 12 kg
    Wipers were exceedingly difficult and i hope I maintained form
    Deadhang Pullups RX’D

  10. lauren

    ***10/27 Halloween Throwndown @ Virtuosity***

    This is going to be an awesome event. We’ve already got a few CFM teams registered, and we should have a few more soon. Towards that end…

    I NEED MEN: There are still a few partially formed teams that need another guy. Let me know if you’re rx’d, scaled or flexible. (Ladies, let me know if you’re interested too… we’ll just have to motivate more boys!)

    JUDGES: Come cheer on your fellow CFM-ers!
    We need to bring a few judges with us for the event, so please come! The event doesn’t start until 1, so you’ll have time to WOD at home before.

    Competitors/Judges/Spectators: We will all be meeting up on Saturday and heading over to Wburg together. Stay tuned for the where/when.

    Lauren dot Emerson at Gmail

  11. AllisonNYC

    I can’t believe I missed this until now…


    You’re a little sneak for not mentioning it to everyone this morning. I would have been warning everyone to get their presents ready for Weeks!! 🙂

    <3 <3 <3

  12. EJ

    Reasons to celebrate:

    Happy birthday to Alicia! Dirty thirty !!

    Happy 2nd anniversary to Ed Santos!

    And of course…

    17 more days left until Metropolis’s 3 year anniversary!!

    *MONEY FOR THE PARTY is due this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19. If you’ve RSVPD’d be sure to bring your cash to the gym and give it to any of the coaches.

  13. Frank

    Hi CFM friends. I wanted post an update on my progress. I’m going in for hip surgery tomorrow to repair a torn labrum. I’m using the same doctor that Big Brian used (thanks for the reference BB). I can’t wait to get this done and get on the road back to health. I miss the works outs and the fellowship. My goal is to get back to the gym in three months. See you guys soon!

  14. TC

    Couldn’t make it to CFM today so did a workout in my apt building.

    5 rounds for time:
    Climb 14 flights of stairs and back down 14 (1 round).

    Time: 21:30
    Total stairs climbed: 1,260…(2,520 total up/down).

    surprisingly a tough workout. Breathing heavy after a few minutes.

  15. Rachel

    4 rounds plus 24 reps

    Pushups on KB to Row: 8kg
    Windshield Wipers: From Floor
    PullUps: Jumping from 2×45,1×35 plates

  16. AllisonV

    Windmills from ground, legs straight
    Jumping pull ups (1x 45# plate)
    8 kg push-ups/rows from knees

    Cash-out: 80 KBS
    16 kg to chest

  17. George

    I had to move my keyboard so I don’t have to lift my arms to type in order to get this post out. Pushups+Rows+Pullups all back to back have made my arms useless.

    Wipers from ground, knees bent.
    Jumping pullups.
    16kg KB Rows from bench.
    3 rounds +10 Wipers + 8 Pullups

    Cashout, 16kg (or if there are only 2 18’s, 18kg) 8-7-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6 = 63. I think I may have counted wrong in the gym.

  18. Jeremy B

    WOD: 3 + 20 (windshield wipers on ground; twisted off the handle, and had to modify to holding the KB)

    Tabata KBS: 68 @ 1.5 pood

  19. jen

    A different variation of the pushup/row each round due to cluster of strong ladies at the 8kg kbs
    WindshIeld wipers on ground legs straight
    Strict pullups

    Cashout: tabata Kb swings
    70 with 16kg

  20. Jon

    4 rounds + 10 wipers. I used 16kg for the pushups/kbs rows. I had trouble getting my legs up on the windshield wipers, but I think they were almost straight for each set.

    Cashout was 72 KBSs at 16kg. I should use 24s next time.

  21. cat


    10 pushups on kbs- mix of toes and knees
    10 rows on bench- 12kg
    10 windmills each side on ground
    10 jumping pull ups

  22. alexsnape

    3 rounds + 15

    First round of rows was at 1 pood, then went down to 12kg for the last two rounds.

    Windshield wipers were on the ground.

    For the KBs: 46 @ 2 pood

  23. sallys

    3 rounds + 7
    push ups + rows on KB @8kg
    windmills on the floor
    jumping pull ups

    sigh* bodyweight exercises are just not my thing.

  24. marilina

    Good luck Frank. We miss you.

    Happy birthday Alicia!

    4 + 10
    Push ups 8, mixed, the. 12kg
    Windshield wipers were hard too swingy from the rings, so I went to the floor after round two.