Jmiz and his beautiful little family.

Back Squat
3 reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes @ 80-85% of 3rm.
(If you were here for this last week add 5lbs)

“Bitch Slap”

amrap in 12 min of:
10 kettlebell swings 24/32
20 air squats
30 double unders
1 rope climb


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  1. BAston

    10×3 back squats @ 145#

    Metcon: 4 rounds + 34 (subbed K2E’s for KB’s for shoulder). Completely lost DU’s today, no clue what happened.

    Always love when Amylynne joins 6am……

  2. amy edelman

    108# back squat

    3 rounds + 10 KBS + 3 squats
    24kg KGB
    Rope climb w/ feet
    Double unders are so frustrating!!!

  3. mcohen

    Back Squats: 205 lbs.

    Metcon: 5 rounds and 5 swings, Rx’d

    Cashout: 21-15-9 GHD/Back Extension.

    Just when you think your getting somewhere at crossfit, a player like Amylynne walks in the door. That girl is inspiring.

  4. PJ

    BS: 135#. Stiff! But no pain.
    Metcon: 4 rounds + 45; 1.5p and 1 legit rope climb, rest w/ some legs.

    Watching the 7AM folks come in, I was struck by how nice, normal & friendly they all seemed. This prompted a reflection on the 6AM class and that gritty sense of danger from waking up too early to do something slightly insane. There is that nervous energy, like a Guns & Roses concert in the old days on Hollywood Boulevard. Characters that you’d trust with your kids but maybe not to swing a sweaty kettlebell close to your head. A place to stay on your toes (back on your heels?) like a bordertown saloon in an early Clint Eastwood flick.

    Can’t wait for the next one! Thanks you guys

  5. Paige

    Back Squat: 115 (again)

    Metcon: 4+10
    D/U still suck
    rope climbs with feet

    GHDs and back extensions

    @ Amylynne: thanks for partnering up with me and the D/U advice you massively strong little giant

  6. ledbelly

    Back Squat: 265

    Metcon: 5 rounds – no rope climbs (10,20,30) was enough for me – my stomach was hurting!

    Penis Penis Penis Vagina Vagina Vagina! 🙂

  7. ledbelly

    Also, it would def be interesting to understand if the names of these WODs are random or if they have an actual meaning?? “Bitch Slap” makes me thinks of pimps and ho’s and Rick James!

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  10. ERIC S.

    Back squat 275 lbs.
    Metcon (slight variation)
    10 kbs 2 pood
    10 back squats @135 with two 20lbs chains
    30 dubs
    5 strict h.s.p.u.

    5 rounds plus 3 swings
    The chains felt heavy at the top (175) then lighter as I hit the bottom Lots of fun

  11. EJ

    Metcon (variation)

    10 KBs 2 pood (russian swings)
    20 Air Squats
    30 DUs
    4 HSPUs

    6 rounds + 20 squats

    -Hamstrings are on fire, easiest part was the DUs and HSPUs

  12. johanna

    First-timer today, thanks for welcoming me everyone!

    Back Squat: 93lbs
    AMRAP: 3 rounds of
    10 KBS, 12 kg
    20 Air Squats
    45 sec of DU attempts (legs burned during this! so couldn’t get the 30 in)
    attempted rope climb 2x half way up

  13. Joe

    3×10 back [email protected] Tis is 10 lbs lighter than last week. I remember myself pitching forward in later rounds last week so i wanted to correct that. Ego…at door….check!

    10 KB [email protected]
    20 airsquats
    30 double unders
    1 rope climb – first time i ever did the rope climb all arms. Pumped!

    4 rounds plus swings,squats,du’s and half way up the rope….so close!!

  14. MikeM

    BS: 215

    Metcon (some mods for numb arm)
    10 KBS @ 16kg using right arm to chest level
    20 air squats
    30 DUs (45s cap)
    10 GHDs

    5 rds at 12:20ish

  15. jmiz

    Thanks for picture guys, going in the baby bar mitzvah album!

    150# / 3+30 rx’ed. First time swinging the big boy bell since surgery. (Note to future self: bring your own gd rope!)

  16. sassypants

    125# (up 10# from last week, when i did it at 6am. my body at 6am is considerably weaker.)

    4 rounds even, so close to rx’d but not, also finished last climb after time was called, but fuck it.

    1.5 pood (all unbroken)
    spazzypants came back for the last round of du’s
    rope climbs with feet

  17. cat

    115#, up 5 from last week. weight felt good.

    3 rds + 45
    24kg, i dont think they all went over head, but they were close
    rope climbs with feet
    du’s got better in rds 2 and 3