**  185/225  **

**  Competition Style  **
–  Judges assist with HSPUs so everyone can safely achieve a full ROM. 
–  Only assist when it’s absolutely necessary.  If you can shake it out, rest and then even get one at a time, do that.  Use partner assist when you can’t get it alone!

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
–  Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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  1. marilina


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come!

  2. Adam Van Auken

    DNF. I believe 8 HSPU in round 2 at 12 minutes and 12 at 15 min. I tried kipping from the beginning which I’m bad at. I think it helped but I need work on this still. I was trying to focus on keeping my chin in, looking at the top of the ceiling across the room. I need to be quicker on the negative. I weight 178 right now so I’m wondering if I could improve by shedding a few pounds. Last time we did this (9/21/11) I did 10 in round 2 at 12 minutes.

    Next time we do this I think I will try doubles from the beginning with a short rest and see if that makes a difference.

  3. PJ

    14:50ish? 185# & all kinds of scaling on HSPUs. Plan was to do DL as RX but my glutes / thigh are rocked from Tuesday’s lungeathon.

    Nice to see everyone.

  4. BAston

    Sept 21, 2011:

    DNF, Got to last round of DL’s got 1.

    155 x 21, 135 x 15

    2 ab mats.


    12:05 @160# for DL’s, and HSPU’s RX’d

    Improvement, all that matters to me.

    Watched Jared do this when I got to the 7am class. Fucking impressive.

  5. mcohen

    Diane is a nice cross between humiliating and embarrassing. May as well throw a nauseating in for good measure.

    21 unbroken dead lifts Rx’d, then spent 13 minutes trying to do 21 HSPU’s., the finised with 15 deads.

    I cannot decide if its a mobility thing or a strength thing, but I have to work on HSPU’s. Add another goat to my list.

  6. ERIC S.

    Where do I start? Jared and Amylynne crushed Diane, and Diane crushed me.
    13:11 rx’d
    Word to the wise, pace your HSPU. I burnt out and then it was all down hill. Wasted too many reps. I just didn’t have it today, I think I left my shoulders at home. Good luck everyone, and great job again to Jared and Cyborg!

    FYI the placement of your DL bar and where you do your hspu will not make or break you on this wod. This isn’t a triathlon, the transition time doesn’t mean SH#$

  7. ledbelly

    Fuck, this is my favorite workout – havent done it in a loooong time.

    Me and Diane have a thing going on – wish I was state side!

    gotta do the deads unbroken

  8. Amylynne

    DL at 125 (baby bar)
    HSPUs all strict

    I don’t think I have ever done Diane before, mostly because I avoid all things dead lift related. This wod combined a strength with a goat so while I am super excited about the strict HSPUs, I am deeply humbled by the deads. Hopefully my deads improve and the next time I meet Diane I kick her ass!

  9. Dale – I was expecting you at 6am to defend your crown!

    7:30; all kinds of PR for me. Started w strict hspu, but kipped after rep 15. Lesson here: been doing lots of strict presses and strict hspu recently, after doing all strict for a couple of months, kipping feels fast and easy
    Props to the AM crew guys/gals that got all the hspu in strict. The quest for a sub 5 diane extends to 2015

  10. ledbelly

    Sorry E, I am in Mallorca. I wold have def been there pumpin Michael Jackson’s Dirty Diana! Maybe Sunday…

  11. Ben

    DLs @ 185, all unbroken, setting a new 20 rep PR
    HSPU with 2 abmats, heavily assisted

    Thanks to Eroc for the motivation and help with HSPU. Turning the thumbs out made a big difference with my shoulder.

  12. PJ

    any other AM folks blow out the blood vessels on face? Maybe b/c I suck at these; but definitely getting some funny looks.

  13. Vikram

    So glad the world is falling apart today. Otherwise I would have had to come in and pretend like I can do Diane…

    Desk job on 3! Love it.

  14. dlede

    @PJ, this happens to me about 50% of the time… its what I like to call “handstand face” and I am already fearing what I will look like this tomorrow tomorrow after I do some HSPU tonight.. for me it usually happens when I do 30+ hspu

  15. jmiz

    @BAston – That article would be hilarious…if those weren’t my cousins. And if they didn’t suffer sever head, neck and back injuries as a result of the accident. As if diabetes and a heart condition weren’t enough to deal with, now they’re facing months of rehab. Hopefully their tornado insurance came through, unlike the fire insurance that elapsed when their house burned down last year. Sigh.


  16. Frank

    13:15. I Scaled the wod with back squats (135) and one abmat. I love the 6am class but it’s hard to get my body warmed up that fast. My hips and back were too tight for the deads. Trying hard not to get reimburse. I hate scaling.

  17. Tommy

    I need some help…

    I am on the market for a pair of wightlifting/OLY shoes. I am leaning towards the reebok “OLY Lifter” shoes. Does anyone have any complaints about these or can recommend something else? Also, do they run true to size?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  18. vicnord

    16:30 115# DL HSPU negatives

    Thanks Eric for yanking my dead weight off the ground on the HSPUs. It’s a long way down – I don’t think I did any lasting damage to my head – the best incentive for maintaining control all the way to the bottom.

  19. vicnord

    @Tommy I have the Adidas adipro lifting shoes which I really like although I haven’t tried any of the other brands. They run true to size, perhaps a tad smallish but that might also be the requirement for stabilizing the foot & mine have broken in a bit now too. They are a big assist in getting me more confidently to the bottom of my squat as well as the flying fast landings required by the Oly lifts.

  20. AllisonNYC

    Tommy, my suggestion is any brand that has the more narrow front like Nike, Reebok & Adidas.
    The Pendlays & Dowins are very boxy and don’t provide nearly as much stability in the front.
    I love my Romaleos but if I had to replace them it would be with the Adidas.

    Overall, ANYTHING is better than sneakers or barefoot for OLY. To anyone on the fence about em, consider this me pushing you over to the side of getting them!! 😀

    They last forever since you’re not out stomping around town day after day wearing them out. SO even though 200 bucks can seem fairly expensive up front, you won’t have to replace them any time soon. Especially if you invest in a quality pair.
    You won’t regret it.

    My best Diane time with 165 & narrow HSPUs is 4:07. NOW I’d have to sell what’s left of my soul to the guy downstairs to even finish this workout. Losing or gaining weight does make a big difference when it comes to anything Bodyweight.. So if you’re needing an advantage to make them easier, drop a few pounds!

  21. sassypants

    @V, you’re not crazy. It’s a balance. If you want to do the rx’d weights for a lot of these wods, you do need to gain some lbs! I say, your goal should be to just find the perfect V spot.

  22. Brett

    Not a pretty performance today. 15:54 with 165 lb deads and did negative pushups as opposed to HSPU’s. Still too big a wuss to kick-up.

    Seems like a lot of people had a tough time, which inspired me to channel my inner John Mellencamp

    Feel free to sing along and insert your own name if it is fitting…

    Little ditty about Brett and Diane
    Getting down today with the Metropolis Clan
    Diane is gonna be a Crossfit star
    Last call is always when Brett leaves a bar.

    Suckin’ on an organic broccoli shake, next to the circulating fans breeze,
    Brett looks like he’s gonna vomit, got his head between his knees.
    Brett says “hey Diane, your really makin’ me wheeze”,
    This can’t be worth the $250 a month crossfit fees
    Diane says uh

    Hey Brett, grow some balls
    Put your hands on the ground and kick-up your feet against the walls
    Hey Brett, grow some balls
    Put your hands on the ground and kick-up your feet against the walls

    E-Love played the Rock, and the Roll
    Brett you really sucked today, you ought to bowl
    Keep liftin’ barbells as long as you can
    20 years from now you’ll do a sub-10:00 Diane

  23. EJ

    Totally agree with Allison about +/- pounds with body weight exercises. Post-Nutrition Challenge, I was able to move through WODs a lot faster because of the weight loss, but needed to get stronger because weight moves weight.

    Sass is really right on the money , just need to get that V Spot.


    A little more than 2 weeks left with the 60 day Goal challenge!!!! Are you still working on your goals? Do you even remember what they were?

    If you’ve accomplished your goal(s), please let me know. There’s no time like the present to get back with the program!

  24. AllisonNYC

    AHHHHH!!! hahaha! BRETT, Brendan and I tag teamed and sang your whole song out loud. Brilliant!
    Bren says we should use that for something and I agree 100%. SO funny and creative!

    You’ve really proved me wrong over the last few weeks.. My feelings about you have done a 180 since you called me a douche on Brendan’s Birthday.

  25. Xan

    Active recovery day for me in terms of crossfit stuff.

    Did a 15 minute HIIT run: 200m sprint 300m jog – did a bit over 2 miles. Trying to cut the recovery periods down until I’m achieving a 1:1 split.

    Going to come to the box and just do a solid hour of rolling/mobility.

    Finishing it off with a push up pyramid.

  26. B-boy

    One of the beauties of Olympic style Weightlifting is it’s unique ability to make you incredibly strong without putting a bunch of size on your body.

    This is because Olympic Lifting is Largely a Systemic or neurological adaptation rather than physiological. It trains your brain to communicate with your body through speed and agility.

    This is one of the many reasons why Olympic Weightlifting should be the backbone of your program if you want to be a high level CrossFit competitor. They get you insanely strong and powerful while at the same time light, fast, and agile.

    You don’t want to feel heavy when your doing handstand push-ups. If you do either get stronger or lose some weight or both.

    Great song Brett!!


  27. @janitor – normal; lets see what you got big boy!

    get your t-shirts cold refreshing t-shirts

    @skinny – goal is to be skinnystrong…youve got the skinny part down..the strong part is coming

  28. BrookeHCooper

    95 lbs
    Regular pushups — had to break them up a lot but no knees which is progress

  29. Alicia

    modified Diane. And by modified, I mean a totally different work out

    45# strict press
    knee pushups

    back spasms earlier today took a lot of energy. Felt super weak during this wod

  30. ledbelly

    you could also just be strong muthafucka and dominate hand stand push ups like you cupcake at night 1:17 am in Mallorca

    Keep on rockin in the free world!

  31. kpo17

    Tomorrow morning I have my last exam of the year. Which means I will be preparing by knocking the f*cking pants off whatever Friday WOD B-Boy cooks up for the V necks at 6am.

    Normally I would be all about getting up in Diane. However, the last time we raced deadlifts, I felt like I didn’t have the mental fortitude to maintain proper lifting cues to protect my back. As such, I skipped the box and decided to work solo on form and dynamic explosive efforts.

    Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5-5
    85-90-95(f at 5)-95-100(PR)
    The fail was because I took my god damn time with the reps. When you lift, you need to shed the mental baggage and focus at the task at hand. Approach the bar, get the core tight, and execute. Once I did that the bar felt like a PVC pipe.

    Deadlift, 10 x 5 on the 1:30 at 185
    Can’t tell you all how good this felt. Explosion. Boom Boom POW. Popping right and left. Reset my back each time. Weight on the heels and keeping my lats tights and scapulas protracted.

    DU work – did 5-10-15-25 repeat sets x 3 working on keeping hips flexed and not touching heels to ground.

  32. sassypants

    *rx’d DL
    *Marky assisted HSPU, which was much more work than with B assist. Partly because he was sweating so much his hands were slipping all up and down my legs. 😉 if I keep practicing like that my HSPU will be as smooth as Dale’s cupcaking.

  33. Karin

    6.5 mile run to the gym (trying to work off the wine and amazing food in Napa)

    105lbs deads
    Mostly real push-ups

  34. phillipc

    Urgh, that was rough. DNF at ~15 something (205#)

    Thanks to Mike and Mark for pulling me up so vigorous that half my arse was on display. Glad I saved the thong for V-cheek Fridays 🙂

  35. dlede

    13:45 rx

    5 min+ PR and felt good

    thank you strength cycle

    deadlifts were fast, channeling spealler (first 21 in 42 seconds)

    HSPU felt good, no singles until last round, first round was done in 5 minutes.. HUGE progress there

    thanks to an awesome partner in crime ASH, congrats as well!

    small but powerful energy from the 7:30 crowd

  36. sassypants



  37. Brent

    First day back at Crossfit after a 3+ week layoff. It wasn’t pretty. The first week and a half away was mostly due to work and family commitments, but the last two weeks have been a mix of work and the vicious cycle of “I haven’t gone to the gym in a while, so I don’t want to go to the gym.” Not something I’m proud of. Anyway, it feels good to back back at it.

    Time: 10:55
    DL @ 175 lbs
    HSPU x 7 with assist, the rest were pushups.

  38. sam

    11:07 at just 115lbs. Concentrated on keeping my back straight. Mixture of HSPU and regular push ups. Thanks for the help Ash and congratulations!

  39. EdG


    Deadliest at 185 lbs.
    HSPUs very assisted. Thanks Mike and Mark you’re awesome.

    Got 3 double unders in a row for first time today.

  40. Eric Strauss

    Mark called me out tonight for not posting for a while…
    Here ya go bud =)

    [email protected]
    HSPU w/assistance from Mark


    Hands are sore as hell but feels so good!
    See y’all tomorrow morning – 7am!

  41. nicola

    Corporate challenge – 31:35
    About 3 mins faster than last year. First 2 miles were a breeze, I credit all the hill sprints, then dehydration kicked in. Still hate running any substantial distance.

  42. MikeM


    225 DLs, Ed-assisted HSPUs. Mark helped on a few too. Outstanding 7:30 class performances all the way around tonight.

  43. tgray

    12:30 at 205#

    HSPU were heavily assisted (thanks Justin & Mark…) for rounds 1-2. pushups round 3

  44. mjansen

    DNF…4 HSPUs short of the cut-off…I have made significant progress in my 2+ years since starting CF…I couldn’t even do a HSPU on 2 abmats in the beginning…thanks for the push 1/2 Nut & WD!

  45. NoMarlboros

    DL = 185lbs should of did the Rx.

    10:55 finish time. Assisted Push ups for anythign over the first 5.