This is my O' Face

This is my O’ Face

Get ‘er Done:
12 minute AMRAP of:
5 Deads, heavy
7 Box Jumps, 30″

Post load, rounds to Comments.


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  1. mcohen

    Crossfit San Francisco.

    Partner wod. 10 rounds 10 wall balls other partner does max tow to bar.

    8:02 I did 62 toe to bars. Every set of wall balls unbroken.

    Strength wod. 5 x 5 bench press from the floor. Not sure what they call it. 135-155-175 ( 5 working sets at this weight)

    Every time I travel I remember 2 things. The amazing community of cross fitters. The nicest people in the world. We should continue to pass that on when people visit us. And second. How utterly amazing our coaches are. Thanks Brendan for setting a standard that allows you to go anywhere and perform to a high standard.

  2. BAston

    6 rounds rx’d

    DL’s started at 205, went to 195# for a few rounds, then ended at 185#. Hey, it’s heavy for my weak-ass back. HSPU’s with 45# plates and ab mat.

    Muscle up work with red band.

    I hope the later classes get to experience the joy of Allison rolling their calves out with a lacrosse ball. It’s pure bliss.

  3. Vikram

    We miss you Mike!

    5 rounds + 8
    205# DLs
    Modified HSPUs (have kipping, but Coach Allison made us work hard for some strict)

    First time DLing since I had a lat issue. All well.

  4. Vikram

    …by the way – the passing on of a CFM tradition.

    As a one year anniversary gift, I bought a new pair of Adipowers for myself. When I first joined, Big Mike gave me a pair of used size 10 Pendlay Do-Win weightlifting shoes (that’s how awesome he is).

    I will happily pass along the shoes to anyone who wants. Maybe a newbie or someone who wants to try out lifting shoes. They’re in great shape (and don’t smell). Just holler – and promise to take care of them and PASS THE LOVE ON.

  5. amy edelman

    7 rounds + 6 reps

    195# deadlifts
    HSPUs: tried to keep them strict. Got help from Allison out of the bottom on a few
    30in box jumps

  6. DT

    Modified WOD
    6 pushups/ 6 ring rows
    15 DL #135
    7 box jumps
    5 rounds +p/ +DL

    I disregarded the instruction today with regard to box jumps (I jumped down and stacked weights on top of the box, not below.) Allison, I want you to know that this is not a personal affront, but rather a demonstration of my love for box jumps.

    1. 90lbs on top of the box stabilizes the shit out of it.
    2. I don’t know what the incidence rate of Achilles injuries is; but its sure as shit less than that of ankle injuries that stem from jumping down onto an uneven surface. When the box sits atop 4 plates, the surface below is fucked.
    3. I love the cardio-respiratory stimulus of jumping-box-jumps. Stepping-box-jumps just don’t do it for me.

    In summation, I love you all and love CrossFit.

    Except you, Jared. You’re an ass. hahha jk bud

  7. Benjammin

    much needed rest day. But probably will squeak out an easy 3-5 mile run tonight around 6:30 if anyone wants to play.

  8. AllisonNYC

    Sadly the seriousness of Achilles tears from high rep box jumps is all too real.. Google it if you want an excuse to go a little slower during the WOD.

    If you like your Achilles intact, step off the box. The risk doesn’t outweigh the reward.

    In summation, I love you, too, DT and I’m happy your back!… even if you don’t agree with me! 🙂 <3

  9. cstar

    wod 6 rounds plus hspu/pushups/deads
    3mini hspu plus 3strict pushups, deads – not heavy, baby box

    thank you allie that foam block/foam roll/lax ball stuff is truly scrumptious

  10. Brett

    @BAston – Dude, you have no idea what the calf rolling was like at the noon class. I didn’t realize a woman sans leather corset and whip existed who derived so much pleasure from inflicting pain on another human being. Even when I begged “please stop hurting me Mistress Allie”, the torture continued. I mean, just what kind of mind thinks up the idea to do handstand pushups on someone’s leg that has a lacrosse ball under it?

    And the more I whined, the happier she got. The last time I saw a look of pure bliss like that was in a video of a girl riding a sybian.

    Ok, obviously I’m watching too much youporn and not spending enough time foam rolling.

    Oh yeah, 5 rounds plus 7. Piked HSPU on gray box. 195 lb deads, box jumps on gray box.

  11. BAston

    That might have been the first sybian reference on the blog.

    Watching Vikram get abused this morning was entertaining. It looked like he was about to have Vesna’s baby (someone said that line this morning but I can’t remember who).

  12. kpo17


    7+8 225lbs

    Classic debate going right now. Does one want to push the pace on a 30” 90lb BJ? Or take it slow to avoid injury?

    How long does it take to recover after a 30″ BJ?

    What’s the best way to provide a body stimulus during a 30″ BJ? Thrust with your hips?

    Yo elove – I’ve been having some ongoing wrist issues. Do you do the 30″ BJs without your hands then?

  13. johanna

    7 Rounds even

    HSPU: 2 abmats. tried to practice with 1 abmat after i got home and could not do it. what a big difference.
    DL: 125
    Box Jumps: 20″- these were easy, but i’m a little scared to do 24″ for that many reps

  14. Jon

    7 Rounds Flat
    315# on the Deads, 30 Inches on the box, and Parallel Bars for the HSPU’s.

    Shout out to J Cash for owning the parallel bar HSPU’s on his first try!

  15. Jason Castro

    5 Rounds + 6 reps
    DL: 315
    Box jumps: 30 inches
    HSPU: Parallel bars. Thanks Jon
    Cash out: Tabata GHD’s with Jon B.

  16. Julesnextdoor

    6 + 4 at 125#

    jumps on red box with 25# plate

    subbed 6 strict push ups for HSPUs– this was harder for me than a box HSPU

  17. AllisonV

    7 rounds + 2

    Subbed ring rows (6 each round) for HSPUs
    Dead lifts @ 143#
    Box jumps on black box (same height as red box) – need to get over my fear of the grey box

  18. Joe

    7 rounds +2 HSPU’s

    HSPU = 1 abmat and a 10# plate – progress for me.
    Deads @ 225#
    Box Jumps – Rx

    Great partnering with Will!! Awesome job bud!

  19. PJ

    6 rounds @225#. Did some freelance programming Monday and funny enough, deadlifts and push press made today tougher.

    BAston, your shirt is in office. $25 next time I see u or I start charging points. Or PayPal me at [email protected]. Frankly everyone is welcome to send me money.

  20. EJ

    -C&J 10×2 #115
    -Squat 5(95-110-130-150) 7(175)
    -Good mornings 5×10 #75

    -METCON – courtesy of CFNE Competitors blog
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front Squat (rx was 155, I went 135)
    10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 DUs


  21. Alicia

    210# DLs, red box + 35# for BJs, negative HSPU with 1 abmat

    Totally content with the low rounds. I was most excited to do negatives instead of using the box, and I felt really good on them. Now need to work on pushing myself up. 🙂

  22. Will M.

    8+2 rx
    DLs @ 225

    Pretty proud of myself: I couldn’t do a single HSPU in December, and I did 26 strict ones tonight. Thank you, CFM.

  23. 4 mile run before tonight’s workout

    6 rounds plus 10, 65# with modified push-ups. I will be able to do a real push-up before the end of this year, promise!