** Use weights that allow you to maintain proper depth and a flat back.  There won’t be any exceptions made for poor form… you should be stoked about that! **

Post WOD:
Trainer Led Group Stretching & Rolling Out

Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate. The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.
–  Lee Haney

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  1. marilina


    Come say good bye to our awesome coach Mark before he heads to Cali.

    Saturday, June 23
    5pm – 8pm (officially)

    Boat Basin (79th Street / Riverside Drive — On the Hudson)

    We will have our own area / bar! Hope everyone can come! CASH ONLY

  2. patrick

    9:32 w/ 225lb DL and 95lb Thruster

    I would suggest bringing a towel. Its like a sweatlodge in there today

  3. alexsnape

    9:24 with 145# on the deadlift. Subbed 16 kg kettlebell thrusters for regular ones (which are no joke, apparently). Rounds out to about 66#.

  4. ledbelly


    225 – deads
    95 – thrusters

    I hate thrusters, it is hot as fuck – I am moving some place cold

  5. sara


    45# thrusters
    115# deadlifts. Think this was the right weight, but I need to figure out how to become more efficient at this lift. Deads take me forever.

  6. Jeanine


    45# thrusters
    95# deads. I don’t care that they were so light. Deads kill my back and I’m fine being a baby with this one 🙂

  7. mcohen

    I highly recommend Yoga for active recovery. That was amazing. Great stretch, mobility and just enough core work.

    Only problem is that nobody said, “3-2-1 go” before we started.

  8. Vikram

    Day off from desk – another sweet 9 AM class. Great vibe.

    Body is pretty shot. Only 115 DLs and subbed box jumps for thrusters due to my shoulder.

    Big Mike – I think you’re on to something with the yoga. Going to get serious about that.

  9. Brett

    12:44 with 125 lb deads and 65 lb thrusters. Shoulders sore from push presses yesterday and I know thrusters were going out and around my body instead of straight up.

    Regardless of time, I sense a really huge improvement in my persormance coming soon. Why, you ask?

    Is it EJ’s constant positive reinforcement? Nah, who needs that!

    Is it Brendan’s intensity? You guys know me. Do I listen?

    Is it E-Love’s calm, consistent teaching? Okay, he does always use me as an example of someone who brings a towel, but that’s not it either.

    Is it because Allie finally came to her senses and realized how wonderful I am? That might help a little, but it still isn’t the driving force for my upcoming improvement.

    No. None of the above have any real effect.

    I feel a change coming because of 1 thing, and 1 thing only….

    Drum roll….

    No bitches, its because my boy Giacaaammmmoooooooooooo is back in town, with his A game. My homey knows only 2 letters…PR. I’m not sure he knows what the letters stand for, and I know he doesn’t remember anyone’s name except mine, but you could feel a change in the gym today. The energy was flowing.

    And when that first partner WOD comes up, nobody needs to look my way. Jason, Colby, sorry to let you 2 down, but Van Halen just wasn’t the same with Sammy Hagar.

    Heading to the Yankee game at 1:00. Will be making a first drink toast to the return of my homey by 12. Another at 12:15…12:30….12:45… you can guess where this productive day is going!

  10. Good times this AM, thanks Brett!

    Part of CrossFit is facing our fears..heavy stuff scares me so:

    Deads, 315
    Thruster, 135 – 18:49. Slow, but wanted to see if I could move those loads. Lifting heavy shit is fun.

  11. mjansen

    AWFUL…drink lots of WATER!

    225lb DL & 95lb Thrustertrons


    Get through the round of 15 and it is smooth sailing after the 2nd round…not really.

    First rep of Thrusters should be a squat clean right into a Thruster

    Legs were on fire…haven’t felt this crappy in a long time…

    At the 2 minute mark I wanted to quit…but I knew I couldn’t too many people there and Elove was barking at me to keep going…Thanks to anyone and everyone for the motivation!

    Bring a towel…sorry Elove…your towel looked too dirty for me!

    “If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it……the hard is what makes it great” Tom Hanks

    Good luck Pmers!

  12. Stace

    DL 100#, Thrusters 45#
    Regaining some strength in shoulders but left ankle’s still bothering me.

    Followed with Bikram yoga @ Times Square. Just happy I survived the 90+F temperature outside & managed to get a tan.

  13. marilina

    I get to what will probably be my one 6am class all sleepy/excited to be part of the cult, even if for a brief moment, and only marconn was there. AVA, this is all so I could show up at school early and clean for the day.

    subbed deads with slow good mornings.

  14. Brooke

    I think I’ve only been sweatier once before.

    I loved and hated this wod.
    150 lb deads
    started with 42lb thrusters….finished with 22 lbs.

    Great job 5:30!

  15. maryseem

    Light deads @ 95# and super light thrusters @ 35#. I’m basically starting from the ground up with lifts that have been hurting my back and going for form over weight.

    Also, I left my flippy floppies at the box – my bad. I’ll claim them tomorrow.

  16. sassypants

    That wod would have been much more fun with more air and less body fluid leakage.

    11:20 rx’d
    (155DL, 65thruster)

  17. nicola

    105# deads, 55# thrusters
    Admittedly light but it was just. So. Hot.

    I feel like I finally know the true meaning of hot mess. Big ups to everyone who powered through that.

  18. dlede

    9:55 at 225/95

    had a great week so far at the gym, good squats, good push press, focused on form and NOT passing out in the heat today, could definitely go harder on this one but stronger for longer is the goal folks….

    dedication is working out in 95 degree temps like its no big deal

  19. Xan

    Shoulder a little tweaked from all the ring dips yesterday, I feel stupid.

    5 mile run. Made the brilliant decision of doing this at noon. Wasn’t cold.

    35 min endurance swim. Alternated swimming w/ fins and w/o fins every 1000m.