This girl can do anything!  On her very first day in Nicaragua and first time trying to surf, Sandy stood up and rode a wave!  Getting up on the board is just like jumping up from a burpee, huh?  🙂

5 Rounds for Time of:
20 KBS  16/24
20 Wall Ball Shots  14/20
20 GHD Sit-Ups

Tight???…  Check this out and do your homework…

Mike has been leading the 6AMers from the front and starting a Yoga Trend.  It’s definitely a nice compliment to our training.
Yoga or not, dedicate some time each day to stretching after warming up or working out, foam rolling and mobility work!  We don’t always have time to squeeze that stuff in during class, so try to get in the habit of adding it in on your own at home or together before / after class.
It will change your world and take your training to the next level!

Aimee Split Jerk up to 220:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
– Lao Tzu.

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    While you pencil necks were doing yoga I was rockin’ the 6 AM sesh with my main man, E-LOVE, at a blistering pace of 19:43 which was only 5 minutes slower then our fearless leader. Lol. Eric, you may have a better engine than me but hearing you gasping for air during this WOD made me realize you also just work a lot harder.

    KBs and first two rounds of WBs were unbroken.

  2. BAston

    AVA, “Classy” Freddy Blassie called them “Pencil Neck Geeks”….. Just saying…..

    Unfortunately backed away from this wod and ran hill sprints at 4am on 91st. Did 10 and stayed below 40 seconds on all. Not fun.

    Maybe will come this afternoon, we’ll see.

  3. Vikram

    Bigger-Than-Life-Mike led about 6 of us (including Mrs. Skinny) to New York Hot Power Yoga.

    That stuff is the TRUFE. Honestly – both a mental and physical challenge. I had to bow out for the last 10 minutes. Truly humbling. I think I’m hooked for active rest (Wednes)days…

    My pencil neck will be back to grunting and grinding tomorrow.

  4. mcohen

    An inspired field trip by the 6:00 a.m. crew. Apparently, Adam could not get a permission slip signed in time so he stayed back for some extra credit with Dr. Love.

    Yoga is the bomb…

    And, the absolute best part of the experience, we got to meet “the Mrs.” Lady V.

    Just checked the crossfit games page, and they are doing yoga for time as an event starting next year.

  5. Amylynne

    16:43 RX’D

    I hate wallballs but marilina’s chin condom worked pretty well until it fell of around rd 4

  6. Jared

    Yoga was no joke. I felt great and got deeper stretched than ever. My shirt was of before mikes, so it was a good session!

    I do feel a bit loopy now, so I am drinking plenty of water.

    Wednesday yoga for now on. The place was 75% CFM.

  7. ledbelly

    5×5 Floor Press
    5×3 Weighted Pull ups

    30 GHDs
    30 deads (225/165)
    30 Dubs
    30 OHS (95/65)
    30 pull ups

    750 meter row

  8. Brooke



    Come get inspired as we start to get further into the oly lifting cycle.
    If any of you are interested, let me know ([email protected]) I’ve got 10 people right now.

    2. CFM Sendoff for PlugPilot Happy Hour
    Friday, July 13th at 8:30 p.m. (after the WODs).

    Brad Russell is leaving us for his real family. Come say goodbye and tell him how awesome he is.

    Location Kinsale (94th and 3rd)


    Let me know if anyone got in and we’ll plan some outings to cheer you on! ([email protected])


    If anyone is interested in wrist wraps, let me know. Got a new shipment of Strength Wraps. They’re meant to give your wrists extra support when overhead. Email me and I can bring them into the gym the following day.


    If any of you are following the games, check this out. (sent to me from DLede).

    CF Virtuosity is also hosting a CF Games viewing party. I’m sure we can scrounge up an invite.

    Stay thirsty (and bring water, a towel, and a book to write your shit down in to the gym)!

  9. dlede

    22:12 rx’ed
    nice work everyone in the heat

    this just came down to wall balls for me, KB easy and unbroken, wall balls about 30 missed reps but maybe I dont know how high to throw it, also bring a towel later, the ball was falling through my hands because it was drenched in sweat by the 3rd round so made it impossible to do unbroken

    5×2 front squat strength work afterwards, 225#, was a nice challenge to lift heavy following a wod like that, need to surprise my body more often

    drinking water like its my job

  10. ledbelly

    Watched the Aimee Split Jerk up to 220 video – really confused from what was taught yest and the video. Perhaps I am just not that smart….until next time!

  11. DT

    Locked out of yoga at 622 this am. A colossal mess.. pissed untill reading that last post EJ- Tri’s in the games!! ALL DAY BABY!!

    ELove- Organize a tri for Mowglis playboy!

    yeeeee yyeeeeee yee yeeeee yyyyyeeee!

  12. Vikram

    I love DT.

    That might be related to the fact that I never really understand DT either.

    What’s he talking about?

  13. Adam Van Auken

    DT Translation:
    “Locked out of yoga at 622 this am. A colossal mess.. ” – DT laments the fact that he couldn’t get into this morning’s yoga session.

    ” pissed untill reading that last post EJ- Tri’s in the games!!” – DT is upset until he reads Brooke’s post (he thinks EJ posted this) linking to an article explaining that the first event of the 2012 CrossFit games is a swim, bike, run, event.

    “ALL DAY BABY!!” – DT is inferring that he would do well in this event.

    “ELove- Organize a tri for Mowglis playboy!” – Dan is asking Eric to organize a triathlon at Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys. This is Eric’s old summer camp and where we had an awesome Metropolis fall retreat last year (see DT considers Eric a playboy since he is “a man, esp one of private means, who devotes himself to the pleasures of nightclubs, expensive holiday resorts, female company, etc.” (

    “yeeeee yyeeeeee yee yeeeee yyyyyeeee!” – My DT Translation App failed on this line. We’ll never know.

  14. hahahaha…

    love seeing the Tri at the Games…looks like a ton of fun and great to see the variance. Regularly learn and play new sports.

  15. BrookeHCooper

    It took Eric S basically pushing me up on my last set of GHDs to finish this. Thanks for the support!
    12kg KBs and 10 lb WBs
    Had to sit outside to recover and be able to see straight after this workout.

    New PR: Did my first real pullup today, just a month or two before my one year anniversary! Hubby told me I’d be in trouble if I couldn’t do a real pullup by then….whatever, I’ve been in trouble before. But glad I got it!

  16. plugpilot

    23:20 – I was dying. Would have never finished without the encouragement of the 4:30 group. Might have just walked off, but wouldn’t have been able to look in the mirror.

    Man I’m gonna miss this place!

  17. Brooke

    #1 – love KPO’s count still.

    #2 – love AVA’s translation of DT

    #3 – Great WOD to come back after a few days off for my brother’s visit.

    23:19 modified with:
    8 lbs WB
    12 kg KB (full range of motion for first time since surgery!)
    10 GHD/10 weighted situps w/ 25#

    I also got up close and personal to Luke’s sweat on the GHD. That’s what crossfit is all about. Mixing your sweat with someone you just met.

    Rock on!

  18. EJ

    Max pullups: 30 (kip)
    I’ve been doing deadhangs and haven’t kipped in 1.5 months. Nice to see that my shoulder rehab is working.

    19:06 rx’d
    metcons haven’t been the same since my the competition a few weeks ago

  19. ERIC S.

    Triathlon at the games? Camp Pendleton School of Infantry Obstacle Course too? wow just like the old days.

    13:55 rx’d
    Brooke you rock!
    Plugpilot we ‘re gonna miss you.

  20. jmiz

    15 days post arthroscopy

    2 rounds
    25 weighted situps 25#
    25 BEs
    25 weigh situps
    25 He’s

    208 cals on bike. / 20 mins

  21. Joe

    Big FAT DNF at the 25 minute cutoff:
    4 rounds plus 26 reps.
    I just don’t have the capacity when it is so hot and stuffy in the gym to go all out and push myself. I had to rest so much, kinda feeling that its dangerous to push yourself through that heat. I’ll err on the side of keeping my old balls safe and not passing the f out.

  22. sassypants

    Luke will share his sweat with you any time Brooke. 😉

    Also, thanks for the love on the surf photo. It was so much fun and I attribute my success (and fitness according to my fellow surfers) to crossfit. I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to give it a shot.

    Great stretching at the end Allie!

  23. AllisonV

    21:08: 8# WB, 12# KBS
    GHDs in 1st round, ab mat in remaining

    KBS finally clicked today! Had no clue you are actually supposed to lock out your knees! No more hyper extended back and ready to go up in weight. Thanks Allison!!

    WBs were just the worst. Thanks KPow for the tips!

    Congrats Brooke on your first pull-up!!!

  24. marilina

    1/2 PD leftie
    10 wall balls with about 15 missed, uncounted reps. I figure by punishing myself through these, I will improve. Oh, and way too many rests here
    GHD, my good ol’ as Rx’d friend

  25. Stace

    Scaled to 10 lbs WB. Haven’t done it for a while. Got better at catching the ball (instead of getting hit in the head every time). Still not loving it.

  26. nicola

    4rds + 32 (rx’d) at the 25 min cutoff

    Echoing Joe, had to back way off in rd 4 when I starting getting really light headed and seeing stars. Not worth it to pass out. Way too hot and humid for me.

  27. Posting this a little late, but better late than never!
    18:42, modified w/ 12kg KB.

    Rounds 4+5 definitely hurt. Laughing is now painful – pretty sure that was the first time I got anywhere close to 100 GHDs – I’m working on my Amylynne/Marilina abs.