A picture from the very first class B-Boy taught at CFHQ.  Nice all star cast.

Wednesday’s Girl:
For Time:
Complete one exercise before moving to the next:
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

Speal does “Angie”

Can YOU beat 10:11?!  :O

A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.
–  George Savile

All men commend patience, although few are willing to practice it.
–  Thomas Kempis

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    23:50 (PR by 2 minutes from 5/19/12). Began pull-ups with 20 butterfly. Felt better about rom but will video myself. Butteflies went fast so went to 5s with regular kip. Push-ups went very fast. Maybe this was from Monday’s tough Cindy?

    My goal is to someday beat Dale in a bodyweight WOD.

    Great mobility work EJ!

  2. Vikram

    A brutally beautiful hot yoga class – if that makes any sense at all.

    Sorry I missed Angie. I actually love her. Bodyweight and endurance…

  3. mcohen

    A big day for me. Today marks my 2 year anniversary at Crossfit Metropolis.

    It feels like yesterday when I walked in to the auto garage and met some of the nicest and most inviting people ever. Eric, Brocket, Dave Kiley, Big Brian, Brooke, Higg, Dave Lederman and so many others. Nobody judged you no matter how bad you were at this new thing we call Crossfit. Maybe a few chuckles about my inability to squat below parallel.

    In these 2 years I have done my best to pay that forward. I hope I have succeeded.

    For this year I have some simple goals. Putting them hear on this blog will serve to make them all the more real. Once you say something, you have to do it.

    1. Continue to show up every day, leave my ego at the door and give you everything I have. If you do that all other individual achievements will come.

    2. I want to win the OceanState Crossfit Master’s Comp for my age bracket next year; and

    3. I want to finish in the top 10% for my age bracket in the Masters Open Comp for the games. This one is most likely pie in the sky, but why not.

    Thanks to every member of the great community of Metropolis for making these last 2 years so special.

  4. EJ

    21:57 rx’d

    surprisingly, this is the first time I’ve done angie?! Nice job 6AM!

    I took the time to do my situps with a mat and ab mat to prevent the infamous ass-berry. Not worth it, LOL

    I was looking at the last time we posted this and Adam mentioned hand care, especially with high volume pull ups. Thought it was worth posting, since a lot of people end up destroying their hands after a WOD like this.

    “Take care of you hands. Many CrossFitters post images of their ripped hands on the intertubes after WODs like Angie. Well, to each his own but I would rather avoid this misery. Here’s an image of my hands after today’s WOD: This is what I recommend: A)Do not use chalk. B)Use gymnastics grips (I use C)Shave calluses (I use this about once a month after a shower).”

    Highly recommend the gymnast grips. If you’re interested in them, let me know and I can try to place an order if there’s enough interest ([email protected])

  5. ledbelly

    Buy in: 800 meter run and then being terrorized by EJ with mobility stuff – who needs yoga? Just do EJ’s mobility training and you will be very limber to do more things than crossfit – you know what I mean :)?

    WOD: 22:08(PR) rx’d,23:36 rx’d last time.
    The pull ups took me 10:53 – you do the math. I had EJ in my sights, I had the lead going into squats, then I saw EJ do squats, she caught up fast and surpassed, omnipresent on the squats, she started to percolate and rejuvenate (Walt Clyde Frazier).

    Cash out: Walk home in the rain, pouring rain – I didn’t shower when I got home, why, the sky bathed me this morning? kidding kidding, I showered

    PS – AVA, if your goal is to beat me in a body weight WOD, you should create higher aspirations. I hate body weight, I have to move a whole lot of man, a whole lot of choco thunder.

    PPS – Started crossfit weighing circa 245/250, currently weigh (as of last Saturday) 215.5. Imagine if I didn’t party, I might be good!

    HUMP DAY my friends, good for two things, half way to the wknd and if I have to explain the other, you need to get out more.

    Love Me, Cupcakin since 1983 – Purple Rain!

  6. Vikram

    Larger Than Life Mike – you have been paying it forward. You’ve defintely made us newbies feel welcome and shown us what dedication and compassion produces.

    Congrats on your two years. You’re an amazing example.

    Regarding the hands: Mrs. Skinny got me O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream. Slab some on at night and you’re as good as new:

  7. sara

    26:00, I think. Forgot to look at the clock right away. Same time as last time, but this time switched between jumping pull-ups and ring rows. Managed 20 regular push-ups, then to knees for the rest.

  8. PJ

    @bfarrel and anyone else interested, I am hitting up Dr. Mike LIC @ 7pm Thursday 8/2 and then JBs for the best damn bbq north of the mason dixon line.

    Hope everyone is doing well

  9. Karin


    75 ring row
    75 knee push-ups
    75 ab mat sit-ups
    75 squats

    Very modified but it feels great to be back!

  10. phillipc

    Carlos / Skinny V, serious Q: what happened to the Spanish football team? Those are some abject results

  11. Vikram

    Spain merely needed a rest after winning the past two EuroCups and World Cup.

    Our indefatigable energies are now being devoted to saving the EU from misguided policies of austerity.

  12. Carlos

    Wow Phillip. I never thought you’d show your face around here on the topic of football after your spectacular crash a few weeks ago. As I’ve always admitted, you have guts.

    To answer your question, here’s what happened. As you know, the Olympics are under-23, except that each team is allowed 3 veterans. Most serious footballing countries don’t add any veterans.. they let the young guys who qualified for the Olympics, play in the Olympics, and let the chips fall where they may. Then there’s the UK, where the top story in the sports pages for weeks is which three irrelevant veterans should play, while the people in the serious footballing countries hear this, look down, shake their heads, and feel sorry for you.

  13. phillipc

    From both of the sour remarks, I see that the scores sting somewhat. I wasn’t sticking the knife in – Spain have a decent youth machine/program, so it was a surprise to many.

  14. Vikram

    …”decent youth machine/programe”…? My friend, we just added the sub-21 championship to our list.

    The Spanish bench and B team has some of the biggest (and youngest) football talent on the planet.

    We have built a football empire that will last generations. If only we had a national currency with which to pay our players…

  15. phillipc

    That’s my point Vikram – I’m not being sarcastic. Surely you had enough talented kids, beyond those that went to the Euros, to beat the likes of Honduras, Morocco, Japan (I see 3x Barca, 2x Chelsea, 1x ManU etc. in the squad.)

    Anyway, sorry all for highjacking this thread with ‘Soccer’ talk! Love the Olympics

  16. Jared

    Skinny is just a little loopy from our intense yoga this morning. No joke, it was the most humid it has been and I have felt like falling over since I got into work this morning.

  17. ledbelly

    I have actually been self proclaimed newsletter worthy for a looooong time, but at this point would deny any request and maintain my anonymity!

  18. Carlos

    You’re right Phillip.. the abject results sting a bit (first accurate thing you’ve said about soccer in the history of this blog). The players and manager underperformed significantly, plus the Venezuelan ref (!) in the Honduras game ignored two very clear penalties. Also, you’ve accidentally identified another problem I didn’t realize.. I’m seeing too many Premiership players in your list.. these kids are being exposed to wretched soccer. Thank God the senior team is more than young enough to keep dominating in Brazil and beyond, while the kids grow and learn from this lesson, and come back to Spanish clubs.

  19. BrookeHCooper

    500m row for time in warmup: 1:49.1
    That is a PR by a lot and I felt like I could have gone even a bit harder.

    Thanks Stace for staying to push me through the end.

    Jumping pullups / ring rows, alternating sets of 25
    Knee pushups
    Remedial air squats with a 10 lb plate for counterbalance but after pullups and pushups this basically made me feel like my arms were going to fall out

    Another fun class today.

  20. Stace

    24:29 (up from 26:44 on May 19 – yay!)
    50 Jumping pull up & 50 RR (also yay! last time was all RR).
    Push up was the toughest. Managed a few strict push up & hand release push up. Rest were knee push up.

  21. Markcon


    @Mike C – congrats on 2 years. Unmatched dedication. You may leave your ego at the door, but you bring your A game every day.

  22. Jason Castro

    26:58 RX’d
    Thanks for pushing me at the end there Tommy, that motivation made me finish even faster.
    Need to work on pull ups.

  23. jen

    29:56 Rx’d
    Thanks Dave and Amylynne for yelling at me – encouragingly- at the end. Couldn’t have done it under 30 (albeit barely) without you!

    My hands hurt!

  24. EdG

    30:32 rx’d. yeah I know it’s past the cutoff but I got that far so it’s not like I could just stop.
    Pull ups: about 10 minutes
    Pushups: about 10 minutes

  25. stephmil

    500 m row – 1:53

    50/50 on pull-ups/ring rows
    regular pushups

    awesome to see Jen stick it out & finish under the cut-of…RX’d!

  26. phillipc

    DnF at 299 reps. Situps were far, far harder keeping hands on shoulders. Hate this WOD.

    Oh, 1.37 in row. Blew up with 100 to go at 1.30.9 pace, coasted in.

  27. phillipc

    P.s. this NBC Olympic coverage would almost have you believe it’s a swim meet. Some weightlifting, rowing, tennis even handball would be nice.

  28. Nico


    100 straight pull ups
    100 push-ups
    100 ab mat sit-ups
    100 squats

    It took me between 10-11 min for the pull ups. Need to increase the pace for pull ups and squats. Speed was decent for push ups and sit ups. Really need to make sure that I improve my positioning when doing squats. I have to work on my cardio which will help me keep a faster pace throughout the workout.

  29. dlede

    18:22 Rx
    New situp standard is intense! No momentum so much slower! It’s good for us though. My abs are already sore.

  30. marilina

    More of an Ang than Angie
    50 strict pull ups with false grip
    50 push ups from knees
    Sit ups much slower with arms crossed
    After squats I decided to do 50 ring rows from wrists
    I don’t know my time

  31. Sam B

    Angie 18:39 scaled to 75 reps/exercise
    Last time I switched each exercise every 25 reps. So I made quite an improvement this time around.