Benchmark WOD:

Cash Out:
3 Rounds NFT:
15 Back Extensions
25 AbMat Sit-Ups

“If one has determination, then things will get done.”
–  Unknown

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    Huge day for me! 82 dubs in warmup which I’m pretty sure is a PR. I’m focusing on going faster which helps.

    Diane – 11:30 rx’d (no kipping). I’m not sure what was going on this morning but I absolutely smashed my previous time. Last one was 6/14/12 and I only got 12 HSPUs into round 2 at 15 min cutoff. I weighed myself again to see if that was the difference and I’m the exact same weight (178). For next time, here’s what I think helped:
    1. Fatigue management. My goal was to have no failed reps. Moreover, I wanted to minimize hard, slow reps and long rests. So, the first set I did 6 (which was just about the point where I started slowing down) and then did quick triples. I was able to do triples until close to the end of round 2 and then did doubles and finally singles at the end of 9. I may actually want to experiment going to doubles earlier with shorter rests.
    2. Form – I really focused on keeping a tight core and looking at the top of the ceiling across the room. Once you relax your core, it’s over.
    3. Good tunes. Rocky IV soundtrack equals motivation.

    Thanks for the push, Dale!

  2. Vikram

    Awesome job, Adam! That feeling is what it’s all about.

    Beautiful, spine-tingling yoga for me today. Great having Mel join us. Missed you Jared & Jenny.

    Spread love, CFM!

  3. Amylynne

    50 DUs in a row! big PR. and then repeated it!!!

    Diane at 123# with all strict HSPUs: 9:27 (over a minute faster than last time but 2# slower. is that an improvement or a wash?)

  4. ledbelly

    6:09 rx’d (PR) – Previously 7:24

    really punked out on the second round of deads and didn’t do them unbroken at all.

  5. ledbelly

    DLede should def read the article on bailing properly – worse bailing technique I have ever seen! 🙂

  6. jmiz

    @Brooke – amazing, was just about to copy exact same article into blog.

    Clearly the moral of the story is: Try not to be a pain in the neck.

  7. kabset

    Always good to be at the 6am class.

    The day started well with 100 unbroken DUs, which is a definite PR. After that “Diane” caught up with me. Did the deadlifts rx’d at 225lbs and felt fine, but HSPUs were a combination of negatives and pushups. But it was good to practice HSPUs with full range of motion on the negatives and not worry about speed of the workout.

  8. Nico

    Still working on DUs (I can only do one, two at a time) – hopefully, I’ll be able to do them one day 🙂

    15’06” with dead lifts at 215lbs
    1st set of 21 (10, 5 and 6)
    2nd set of 19 (5, 5, 5, 4)
    3rd set of 9 (5, 4)

    HSPUs were a combination of negatives and push ups – Worked mostly on very slow negatives then switched to pushups when not able to control the negatives as well

    Thanks the 7am class for pushing me to finish hard on my last set and for the advice on HSPUs!

  9. sassypants

    3RM sumo deadlift @215#
    First time doing these. They were pretty cool!

    100 pushups, every time you stop, run (it was about 200m)
    (focused a lot on keeping elbows in)

  10. EJ

    #155, kip HSPUs

    -benchmark for me since I couldn’t finish it before
    -body is feeling pretty fried from yesterday, and felt it today

  11. Alicia

    8:43 155#
    Sitting press for hspu – 2 max sets per round @ 45#. Total = 51

    Last time I did this was 9/21/11 with 65# and HSPUs off the red bo x in 5 something. I’d say this is a PR! Great to be back at CFM!

  12. alexsnape

    17:00 @ 225#

    HSPUs were barely strict and had to go to push ups after 8 in the second round and after 3 in the last round.

    I went too heavy on the deadlifts and my form died (as did any sort of rhythm) after the first round.