fight is around the corner.
Brendan & I will be there.. will you?!
AC isn’t ready for this beast and his CFM crew!!

3 Rounds of the Following AMRAPS:

In 3 Minutes:
Sprint to 3rd & Back
With the Remaining time complete AMRAP of Thrusters  95 / 135

…..  Rest 1 Minute  …..

In 3 Minutes:
Sprint to 3rd & Back
With the Remaining Time Complete AMRAP of KBS  16 / 24

…..  Rest 1 Minute  …..

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.
–  Nelson Mandela

Stay tuned for our Holiday weekend schedule for Saturday – Monday.  We’ll have reduced hours so we can all go out and enjoy our last few days of summer and vacation.  🙂

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  1. Vikram

    How awesome is the fun we’re having!? Each class is a tightly run program – and we’re doing so much: 1. Great warm ups, 2. Handstand work (go Amy!), and 3. Challenging WODs. Loving it.

    Inspired by B-boy’s words yesterday and stopping yoga for a bit to get extra work in. So want to get better…and I feel some stuff finally clicking.

    Combined lowest score: 38
    25 KBs @ 24 kg
    13 Thrusters @ 75 lbs

    Missed you Jared! Take care of that elbow!

  2. Adam Van Auken

    Lowest round was 11 thrusters @ 125 and 35 KBs. Next time I will game this and go for 13 thrusters and 40 KBs each round.

    I’m tired.

  3. EJ


    1) 9/17-11/18 PALEO CHALLENGE

    Lurongliving is having a Paleo Challenge and we are going to participate. Buy in is $50

    Check out the website for more information and SIGN UP under CF Metropolis!!! If you have any questions so far, email me at [email protected]

    Brian Aston is running the NYC marathon for Frank’s charity (Standing Tall). On September 7th from 7pm-10pm he will be guest bartending . Hope everyone can come out, and have a few drinks, and help him raise money for a great cause. Hope to see everyone there!

    LOCATION: Swig, 2nd Ave between 84th & 85th.

    3) SUNDAY 9/9 – Nutrition Seminar with Brendan

    Nutrition Seminar from Brendan, as well as a brief informational meeting about the challenge

    4) FRIDAY 9/14 – MMA Fight in Atlantic City
    One of our members, Ariel “The Smash” will be fighting at the Tropicana in AC. Come out to show him some Metropolis LOVE!!

    5) SATURDAY 9/22 CMC Urban Assault Race and 5th Avenue Mile
    Two endurance races are happening on September 22nd. Email Lauren (Gymbelle if you have questions about CMC ([email protected]) for the 5th Avenue Mile ([email protected])

    6) 9/23 – Injury Seminar with Dr. Mike
    Nagging pains/strains? Learn more about how to keep yourself training safely by listening to your body

    Fun filled September!

  4. Lara F

    Whew, this was a tough one!
    Well they are all tough!

    Combined lowest score, 50
    12 thrusters @ 37# (yes, this was a PR for me)! Elbows up!
    38 KBS @ 12kgs. Need to keep legs closer together and chest up!

    Learning more and more each day!

    I love that everyone feel to the floor at the same time at the end, that was great!

    Thanks Brendan! 😉

  5. Brooke

    Speaking of fun-filled September….all the upcoming events can be found on the calendar on the News & Events tab on the blog.

    Also, for my personal gain, i could still really use some help with Benny. Anyone available to walk him on Thursday afternoon? Someone who maybe has an off schedule job??? Thanks all. Much appreciate the help!

  6. amy edelman

    Oooops, 61 total score. @53# thruster / 16 KG KB. I think I mess my posts every time! Proof reading is needed!

  7. SoCalAndrew

    Rx: 37
    12 thrusters @ 135 lbs
    25 KBS @ 32 kg

    Adam – If you weren’t already using it, next time go for the big KB! And get some rest!

    Is the schedule going to be different for the holiday weekend?

  8. Paige

    Lowest score; 60
    Thrusters= 18 @ 53#
    KBs= 42 RX’d

    great to be back at 6am.
    Nice handstand work Amy.
    Great rally everyone, this wasa tough one!!!

  9. loro17

    Vikram is right – this was a puke inducing fun one.

    Lowest combine score: 31

    25 kbs 24kg
    6 thrusters @ 65lb (working on form still)

    Thx for the help with the HSPU, Nico!


  10. Charles

    One of the most draining WOD’s that I’ve done in a while…those sprints really took it out of me!

    Lowest score Thruster: 11 @95#
    Lowest score KBs: 24 @24kg

  11. BAston

    Been having some shoulder discomfort, so did some subbing today.

    Subbed front squats for thrusters @ 115#
    Lowest score was 9 (10-9-9).

    Subbed GHD’s for KB’s (seemed like a good idea at the time, not so much right now).
    Lowest score was 25 (32-28-25).

    For the first time in 2 months, the hill sprints felt great. So very happy about that.

    Getting shoulder looked at tomorrow, it feels like a nagging problem I have had for years, so not too concerned.

  12. Brett

    I have 4 extra tix (2 pairs in 2 different sections) for todays 1:00 yankee game. They are free if anyone wants a pair. Text me at 973-698-5621.

  13. Benjammin

    Can’t say it enough but love the 6am class. Good vibe and great way to start the day.

    lowest score was 37
    11 thrusters @ 75lbs
    26 swings @ 16kgs

  14. BAston

    WOD #2, biked down to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. Something like 13-14 miles.

    Ripped up ass, rx’d (guess I haven’t biked in a while).

  15. mcohen

    You can only imagine the string of emails that went into the decision. Yoga or Crossfit. Ultimately, we deferred to our leader, Heavy V. No good deferrence goes unpunished, because that wod kicked my ass.

    Stripped the thrusters down to 75 lbs. KB’s at 1.5 pood.

    Lowest Thruster: 14
    Lowest KB: 24

    We really all layed on our backs as a group when it was all over.

  16. Tommy

    Inerval rowing:
    10 x 1 minute sprint / 1 minute of easy rowing (20 min total)

    Total Distance: 4500 meters
    Average 500 m split: 1:48
    Average 1 min distance: 277 meters

  17. sassypants

    stop the presses. i am going to be making an appearance at 6am wod tomorrow. only posting this so that i can’t back out.
    all you lovey dovey kumbaya 6am’ers better be ready for me.

  18. Vikram

    Sassy! So beat up from today and this week that I need a rest day tomorrow. Sucks that I will miss you.

    You’re a CFM LEGEND! Enjoy 6 AM!

  19. Jared

    I’m missing the legend too! Hold it down tomorrow. I will be in on Friday and will take it easy on the elbow.

  20. Nico

    Getting better at the hand stand -> Goal is to practive every day so that I get comfortable in a handstand position

    Lowest round: Total 37
    8 thrusters @ 95 lbs (round 3)
    29 KBS @ 24 kg (round 1)

    1st round:
    13 thrusters @ 95 lbs
    29 KBS @ 24 kg

    2nd round:
    10 thrusters @ 95 lbs
    40 KBS @ 24 kg

    3rd round:
    10 thrusters @ 95 lbs
    40 KBS @ 24 kg

    I thought I would have been too tired for the thrusters and did not do my maximum with the KBS on the first round

    -> no more trying to game the WOD, from now on, I’ll go all out and will stop worrying about my score at the end

  21. Joe

    One arm KB thrusters @12kg
    Regular KB [email protected]

    Not 100% sure – too nauseous to remember but:

    lowest thrusters = 24
    lowest kb swings = 22

    sprints – back and looking at the clock between 40 and 50 seconds each round!!

    17 second L-Sit PR instead of handstand practice.

  22. Brooke

    @Katie – you did kill it!!!

    I am still very wary of the combination of these 2 movements and my 2 shoulders….

    Thrusters 35#
    KBs 12kg

    Round 1: 17 thrusters/34 KBs
    Round 2: 17 thrusters/34 KBs
    Round 3: 17 thrusters/34 KBs

    see a pattern…

  23. AllisonV

    Thrusters at 35#: add 5-10# next time, bet it will help me keep my elbows up!
    KBS at 12 kg: time to move up to 16kg!

    Round 1: 15 thrusters, 32 KBS
    Round 2: 13 thrusters, 35 KBS
    Round 3: 15 thrusters, 35 KBS

    Nice work 6:30! And thanks to our adorable cheerleader Benny!

  24. Ben

    Another great drop-in with Brendan.

    95# Thrusters
    24kg KB

    1: 20, 25
    2: 12, 27
    3: 12, 14

    KB Swings fell off a cliff at the end. Haven’t been doing much metcon work these past few months and I definitely felt it today (and will tomorrow too, I’m guessing).