Wednesday, April 13th


Wednesday, April 13th



3 rounds for time:
30 wallballs, 20/14
4 rope climbs
200ft bear crawl

For RX+ wear a 25# vest
Post time to Comments.

Oly Class

Snatch Pull – Hang Snatch – Snatch
7 x (1+1+1), ascending

Snatch Deadlift

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  1. ERIC S.

    Snatch deadlifts:
    “Straps are used for the lift unless a lifter is intentionally using the lift to also train grip strength. Often after reaching the top, lifters will return the bar to the floor by dropping it. Maintaining some control, even if not a particularly slow speed, will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.”
    As for what weight to use for the snatch deadlift? It should be anywhere from 80%-120% of the lifter’s best snatch depending on the lifter, for about 2-6 reps.
    Great exercise to build posture strength, and also great for drilling the movement pattern on the first pull of the snatch.

  2. ledbelly


    Subbed 12 Strict pull-ups for rope climbs – not fun for me, so its fair

    Squat – sets of 5

    Warm – 135-185-225
    Working – 275-285-295-305-315

  3. BAston

    Elizabeth (with squat cleans): 13:43 rx’d (compared to 16:34 on 1/24/2015) PR of 2::51.

    I made up a ton of time on the dips, cleans were still slow but better. Def room for more improvement if I continue to work on those.

    Thanks Matt for letting me do the wod this morning. I’ll definitely (not) make up this fun wall ball / rope climb fiasco soon.

  4. Jason

    Snatch pull/hang snatch/ snatch: 115-125-130 -130-135-140-145
    Snatch DL x4: 155-165-170-175

    Cashout: some gh raises and ghd sit-ups

  5. Melanie

    complex: 68-73-78-83-83-88-93
    Sn DL: 103-113-118-123

    OHS: 63(8)-73(8)-83(8) mentally and physically too tired to do anymore sets

  6. Melissa TruHero

    Lots of rolling out during 6:30

    Then one round of the WOD for time as a warmup
    4:55 rx’d

    Oly snatch complex

    Snatch grip deadlifts 4×4 @ 103#

  7. Kimbie

    my pic and that wod are simply not compatible, but thanks for the pic 🙂

    JCC soccer game without subbing, kicking ass at defense every damn day…