Wednesday, April 20th


Wednesday, April 20th


Note: Thursday and Friday 10 am classes are cancelled. Come to 7am!


For time, all out effort:
500m row


3 Rounds for time:
25 ring pushups
20 GHD sit-ups
15 Calorie Row

Post times to Comments.

Oly Class

Push Jerk

Overhead Squat

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  1. BAston

    500m row: 1:51:4 (just missed getting on the leaderboard)

    Wod: 10:20 (log jam on the GHD’s last round, giving myself sub 10 minutes). Chasing Justin the whole time.

    1. BAston

      If you factor in the 6am math equation, I was actually very close to Matt’s time that he did at 7am. I’ll try to come in the evening next time we do this so there are no excuses.

  2. Matt

    1:31.4 Row… thought I had a shot, held 1:28/1:29 until halfway, held 1:30 until 150M, then fell off
    Love the pain.

    Metcon: 10:16Rx, ughh

  3. Bucky

    Row: 1:43.0 – Legs started to give out around 350M. I know I can do better next time.
    Metcon: 14:47 Rx

  4. ERIC S.

    Snatch singles 135,145,155,165,175,180,185,190,195,200

    My own version of this Metcon
    3 rounds
    5 snatches @155/ 115 (full snatch obvi)
    15 calorie row
    20 ghd sit-ups
    9:55 rx’ed
    Firebreather 9min – 10 min
    Excellent 10:01- 11 min
    Good 11:01- 12 min
    Fair 12:01 minutes or more
    Missed one snatch which slowed me down by 10 seconds. Love wods with a heavy-ish snatch

  5. Melanie

    Push jerks up to 93lbs
    OHS up to 98lbs
    Too much wrist action yesterday, feeling it today

    Metconish – 13:27 scaled ring push-ups to 15

    500m row – 1:52.9
    best time was 1:52.2 back in Nov

  6. Melissa TruHero

    500m row
    1:46.3 PR! I think my best time was 1:51ish
    Good idea raising the damper Melsie

    11:28 rx’d

    Considered staying for OHS but decided my quads had enough torture for the day.

    Cash out: seeing how small of a tank top we could fit on Jon ????

  7. 1:26.9 on the Row – finally found something else I am good at besides the Farmers Walk and, well, stretching..

    14:30 on the circuit – TtoB subbed for the GHD which I cant do comfortably. Those still slow me down

  8. steph_N

    1:40.2 never actually tested one 500 all out, so calling that a PR
    wod: scaled ring pushups and abmat situps – 14:20

  9. Muriel

    2:03.4 (apparently it was pretty good for a very first time, so yay!)

    16:30 (thanks for letting me finish! it took a bit long but I was sooo happy to finish it)

  10. dquat

    1:24.4 …held 1:16 for ~270m and couldnt fight the burn. quickly tailed off to 1:33. time to get the motor more comfortable with the high rev…. burrrrrrrrn.

    8:52rx with a couple extra cals and ghds sprinkled in there.