Wednesday, August 10th


Wednesday, August 10th


Congratulations to Kenny and Shauna!


For time:

10 Handstand Pushups
10 Kettlebell Snatch Each Arm, 24/16
30 Double Unders
9 Handstand Pushups
9 Kettlebell Snatch Each Arm
30 Double Unders

… and so on, all the way down to 1.

Post time to Comments.

Oly Class

Find a One Rep Max

Find a One Rep Max

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  1. BAston

    21:28 rx’d

    HSPU unbroken
    KB Snatches got better as the wod went on. Jump hard.
    Dubs: abysmal. I think I went unbroken twice, the rest of the time it was a shit show.

    Nice pic, Kenny.

  2. Melissa TruHero

    Great pic of the newlyweds – Kenny and Shanna! and Happy Birthday to the groom!! Birthday burpees 😀

  3. ledbelly

    22:58 rx’d – STRICT!!!!! hspu
    KB Snatches – first time doing these. The only good thing I can say is – I tried something new. I also agree with BAston, jump hard be aggressive. I hated every rep, I hate cfit.


    Snatch – 185
    Power Clean – 275 (Get low, Get low, for New New)

  4. chad

    16:43rx (HSPU and most dubs unbroken, went from a kbsnatch workout to a dubs workout, need to go unbroken for all and transition time is key)

    Props to Matt for strict deficit hspu

  5. Melanie

    Snatch: worked up to 103lbs.. failed twice at 108lbs which is my 1rm but its ok – i’m alive.
    PC: worked up to 118lbs failed at 123lbs – i’m just tired

  6. Matt

    Oly 165/215
    Felt great up to 165, but didn’t have much more, definitely feeling yesterday’s deads in a good way. Glad I put the work in.

    18:45, strict hspu w 45# plate deficit, all swings unbroken w mid swing switcheroo, dubs unbroken also

  7. dtm

    200 minute jog (hard J) for distance: 20.02 miles

    I felt terrible 45 minutes in because it was so humid and I still sweat like a fat kid but I was already far enough away from home that I kept going. I got into a groove for the next 2+ hours, I walked a bit at the 18.75 mile mark and powered through the last 10 minutes. All in it wasn’t terrible but not great either. I hate training for big races in summer, there wasn’t enough water and electrolytes in Manhattan to keep me hydrated today.

  8. Liz

    Four miles with Ollie. First two were high six-month seven. Then the last two were the pup dragging his feet…thirty minute mile.

  9. Mat Forzaglia

    18:17 RX. I must say for only working out 1 time a week for the past month or so due to this injury, I moved pretty well and wasn’t gassed as I thought I would have been.

  10. JLee

    35:03 ouch

    1st time doing HSPUs (3 Ab Mats)
    24 KB
    DUs Derek capped me at 2 mins each round to find 30 DUs. I capped every time and eventually switched to 90 singles the last few rounds

  11. dquat

    24:22rx+ strict hspu & 2pd kbs. unbroken snatch. some broken dubs and hspu. back felt good but grip felt spicy!