Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

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  1. Melissa T.

    I feel like this link was meant for me, haha. Thanks Ali! I’m gonna work on those strict pull-ups. 🙂

  2. Vikram

    14:27 Rx’ed

    EJ – outstanding coach, friend and CFM legend. Many happy returns. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. Yuan

    12:51 @ 123# w jumping pull-ups
    (Was using 83# for Diane in early July)

    Happy Birthday, EJ! Thanks for the great coaching and cheering as always!

  4. BAston

    @Dlede, I’m out. My distance running days are over. I had one shot at running the marathon and F’n Sandy took it away.

  5. patrick

    10:13 @245 with jumping pullups

    I could have done more weight, but I’m still a bit sore from Sunday.

    Happy Birthday EJ!

  6. Matt

    Hey everybody!

    So let’s go to BROOKLYN BEAST this weekend! It’s a parkour gym offering classes in capoeira, tricking, tumbling, and of course, parkour.

    They have lots of different classes, and open gym hours, where you can just try out all of their cool stuff, like their 20ft warped wall, trampoline and trampoline wall, foam pit, and more! Their calendar is here:

    Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested and what day/session you’d like to do. And hopefully we can get a big group together! I’m good either day but maybe the Saturday 8p parkour class would be best, and anyone who wanted to stay for open gym after could do so.

    4p tricking and 5p tumbling sound good to me too, Saturday or Sunday!

  7. Paige

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EJ! Your compassion, dedication and strength is what makes CFM stand out in a crowd!

    Tweaked back mid snatch this AM and self-diagnosed (AKA Amy, Rolf and Mike diagnosed)as sciatica. Googled it-seems right. Hurts like hell so I’ll be there only in spirit until this is resolved!
    WOD on people!

  8. Melissa T.

    @Paige – I have a sciatica issue as well. Definitely rest and avoid any stress to it for a good while. You can take up to 800mg ibprofen for the swelling every 4 hours.

    **HAPPY BIRTHDAY EJ! Thank you for all your support, great coaching, friendship and dedication to all CFMers! Hope you have a great day and enjoy!

  9. Jared

    I have a few things to say:

    Happy birthday EJ!

    Congratulations to Vikram for destroying it this morning and coming in first place!

    Brian, I hope your stiff back feels better soon. I’m sure a quick massage would do the trick.

    Paige, you aren’t injured. Don’t rest because you will fall behind. Keep coming in and push it harder than you normally would. If it still hurts after, you know it’s actually hurt. If you feel better, you know it was all in your head.

  10. Carmen

    13:02 @ 113# jumping pull-ups (plus a kip or two per round) All rounds unbroken on the DLs so maybe a little heavier next time?

    Happy Bday EJ!

  11. PJ

    I think my kipping days are over too.

    Next week, experimenting w/ a low(er) bar back squat.

    Happy Birthday EJ!


  12. ERICnotJASEN

    Happy Birthday EJ! Thank you for all that you do – have a great day =)

    CFM – for EJ’s Birthday, let’s get 40 posts! C’mon people!!

  13. ERIC S.

    To my dear & long time friend who is great at what she does and always puts others before herself, Happy Birthday Ej!

  14. Meredith

    Happy happy birthday EJ!! You are always an inspiring, positive force at CFM and we love you! Shine on girl 🙂

    17:35 @ 155#…did first round @ 165# and it was a bit too aggressive so I dropped… Clearly not my greatest showing today…was def in slow motion

  15. Todd D

    16:37 @ 165# The second set of pull-ups were brutal.

    Thanks to EJ, Amylynne, Yuan, Carmen and Vikram for all the encouragement to keep going!

    Happy b-day EJ. You’re awesome!!!

  16. Paige

    @Melissa T, Percocet is where it’s at right now. Not my most productive day at the office but it sure eases the pain 🙂

  17. johanna

    13:44 @115 and jumping pullups. still kind of in a daze, but feeling better than yesterday.

    thank you brian, for all that you do in my life.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EJ!! You are an inspiration and a joy to be around. Thank you for all of your hard work in building up our awesome and positive community and for being a great friend! Enjoy your day!

  18. chad

    15:31 @ 115#
    Even kipping the pull ups got hard and my hands hurt
    thanks for the encouragement from noon class
    3×10 reversehyper
    150 abmat situps & 150 DU nft
    happy birthday EJ!

  19. Jess

    Happy Birthday EJ!! You are such an inspiration and an awesome coach! You really bring the CFM community together!! I hope you have a great birthday!!!

  20. Benjammin

    Happy birthday EJ!

    I’m down to run the NYC marathon if anyone can sneak me in.

    Matt, parkour sounds cool. I’m in.

    WOD results coming later…

  21. DonnaVasic

    I don’t think I’ll wrap up work early enough to make it tonight, but wanted to say: Happy Birthday, EJ! You are a true fitness professional and we are very lucky to have you.

  22. Ang


    1st round of DL 165#
    then stripped off to 145#
    Pull ups with a band

    Happy Birthday, EJ! Enjoy your day!

    Nice to see you back, Elove!

  23. Melissa T.

    11:50 @ 125#
    Erred on the side of caution coming off tweaked hamstring, hence a little lighter.
    Jumping pull-ups

    Thanks to Darcy for not letting me be the only female at 6:30

    And Welcome back ELove!

  24. dlede

    2×2 175# hang squat clean
    6×2 185# hang squat clean
    solid doubles, getting used to holding onto that bar, felt great

    Subbed GHDs for Pullups to not overuse my shoulder right after PT
    10:52, otherwise RX

    Happy Birthday EJ! Its pretty awesome having you around.a standout person all the time!

    I feel like we should be doing the EJ BDAY WOD tomorrow! You deserve a nice tribute!

  25. stephmil

    BIRTHDAYS?! those happen every year, HAPPY ENGAGEMENT, EJ! so stoked for you and kelly!

    153#, 18:35 and mucho hand rips
    awesome 430 with ang, sass and the return of Elove.

  26. Katie

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY & CONGRATULATIONS EJ! We are all so lucky to have you as a leader & friend, thank you for all you do to make CFM the community it is!

    16:08 @ 163#
    Ring Rows

  27. sallys

    14:06, 123#, ring rows.

    Wasn’t feeling great (fighting off a cold and was working til 4am last night. Grrr), so took this one easy. Did first 21 unbroken so likely could have gone heavier. This is also the last time I take a 5 hr energy shot before a WOD. Felt like a crazy person.

    HAPPY BDAY EJ AND MAJOR CONGRATS! That ring is stunning!

  28. Kat

    18:37 103#, combination of green band and ring rows. ELove’s coaching was awesome per usual.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATS EJ!!! So happy for you. What a wonderful blessed happy day! 🙂

  29. wingsteroosky

    nice pic, jess!

    22:27 145#, banded pull-ups (started out with blue/red, purple/red, then green)

    the burpees were the best part!!


  30. Alicia

    Pre wod: Wendlers wk 11 repeated strict press: 65×5/70×3/80×1 max set @ 60 – 7
    3 touch and go cleans @ 95# EMOM for 8 mins

    23:06 rx’d – super slow. Knew I was in trouble when I finished round 1 close to 11 minutes. Rest day tomorrow

    EJ – Happy Amazing Day to you, our fearless leader! So stoked for you and Kelly 😀

  31. 20:57 RX –

    need to build a monkey grip so I stop ripping my hands and have better pull ups….

    Stoked about tomorrow’s pre 1/2 marathon row warm-up.