Thursday, August 25th


Thursday, August 25th

Skill Test
Max time in an L-Sit

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15 deadlift, 275/185
60 second handstand hold
12 deadlift
45 second handstand hold
9 deadlift
30 Second Handstand Hold

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  1. Brian Bobby

    11 sec L-sit to coccygeal injury

    8:53 @ 225#

    and i feel surprisingly awful. happy thursday, everybody.

  2. Matt

    Rest Day

    Shoulder mobilization NFT
    lateral opener on floor
    anterior compartment and pec smash on lacrosse ball
    anterior compartment smash with barbell

    If you haven’t looked at these MobilityWOD posters above the front counter area, they’re always worth a look now and again!

  3. Bryguy

    Workef late last night so I did a workout in the park.

    800 meter run
    21-15-9 of decline push ups/Toes to Bar/Air squats
    800 meter run

  4. 20 seconds and 10 seconds each on the L sit

    5:40 seconds on the WOD RX

    I had J-cash in my sites the entire time, but it was an unfair fight because he had extra energy since he only rowed for 113 cal yesterday

  5. ERIC S.

    Every 90 seconds 3 front squats X 6 @245
    Wod 3 rounds
    30 dubs
    15 bj 24″
    30 dubs
    9 hang power cleans @155
    6:22 rx