Wednesday, August 31st


Wednesday, August 31st

Skill Test

Find a max height box jump. Compare to 5/4/16.


3 Rounds for Time:
500 Meter Row
12 Deadlifts, 225/155
21 Box Jumps, 24/20

Post time to Comments.

Oly Session

Touch and Go Power Snatch
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

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  1. ledbelly

    This Shit rx’d

    30 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
    40 Kettlebell Swing, 32/24
    50 Wallball, 20/14
    60 Calorie Row

  2. JLee

    Box jump – 30″ box + 45 and 2 25s

    WOD 17:21 Rx
    Rx’ing a DL WOD is a win for me but next time this should (hopefully) feel lighter and faster

    If I apply 6 AM math it looks better right?

  3. BAston

    Box Jump: 39″ (2 45’s & 25). Same as last time.

    WOD: 14:09 rx’d (I’d feel better about that time but Matt estimated it would take around 9 minutes, so there’s that).

  4. ERIC S.

    Oly session t&g 3 power snatch
    95,115,135,155, 165 trying to get my pulling strength back (12 weeks post op)

    Wod 3 rds for time
    10:57 Rx’d

  5. Denise

    Oly: 73#
    Only my ~3rd time working on snatches. I finally felt like I was doing the movement right today. YAY PROGRESS!

  6. Melanie

    All the snatches (muscle&power) and squats (OH&FS) just to get in some fitness and strength

    19:21 @ 143lbs

  7. Ashley Moduno

    Went up to a max of 83# for the Oly sesh
    14:47 RX for the wod
    37.5 inches for box jump

    Alejandro is too tired to post but so….:
    13:40 RX for the wod
    54.5 inches for the box jump!!!

  8. Andy

    15:08 Rx
    41 1/4″ box jump. I think I was 37″ last time so I’ll take the improvement. 🙂

    Alejandro was inspirational in soaring the heights of 54.5 inches! Literally, he just floated to the top each time without making a sound. Fun to watch.

  9. Melissa TruHero

    About 31.5″ box jump before oly

    Touch n go power snatch 3s

    Wod: 13:17 with step-ups

  10. dquat

    47.75″ box jump
    kicked 50″ at the top, next time!

    id like to see what alejandro jordans vertical is!? what do ya think matt? we have box jump/broad jump tested… time to get up

  11. On the day I did oly worked up to 95# touch and go triple. 100# scared me and everyone was watching. A little gun shy.

    Friday the 2 Sept 16, i did the wod RX @ 12:07

    feels good to be coming back. One more triathlon to go.