Wednesday.. but it might feel like Tuesday


Wednesday.. but it might feel like Tuesday

What would you guess these three fit chicks are giggling about?

Strength WOD:

Conditioning WOD:
Overhead Walking Lunge  25/45
GHD Sit-Up

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
– Aristotle

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  1. marilina

    Saturday = Metropolis Summer Kick-off party
    7:30pm – midnight
    Bring drinks or food, bring company!
    215/217 E 96th, on the NE corner at 3rd, next to the mosque.

    Ask to go to the party room as Bialos/Kim’s guests.
    Press ST elevator button.
    My number is 914-584-3805

    Let me know if you have a sports event you can’t miss on TV via [email protected]

  2. Jared

    5# off my PR of 165 during a total, but that was my first shot at a 1 rep, so this is a bit different.

    12:02 rx’d

  3. Vikram


    Long road to a new 1 X PR.

    This is the longest I’ve gone since starting at CFM without hearing Big Mike grunt while rolling out his back in AM. I feel a certain sense of loss and emptiness.

    Take consolation in the fact Jared joined 6 AM. Great seeing Sass and having Jay back. Wintery mix on 3!

  4. Adam Van Auken

    Press – 155(3),160(2),165(1),170(F),165(1). I had loft goals this morning and was attempting a new 5RM(15), 3RM(160), and 1RM(170), each by 5 pounds. I somehow forgot that these were major accomplishments when I got them. Lol. Next time I’ll check my ego at the door and go lighter.

    “Fade to Black” – 12:10 rx’d. I really thought I was giving my all and had Jared here. Looking back I see all kinds of ways I lost time. Breaking up GHDs into 5s definitely didn’t help. Next time, I’ll go for 7 or 8.

  5. Vikram

    Oh…11:26 on ‘Fade to Black’ – 25 lbs plate, switched to 35 on the last round. Trying to build strength. One day I’ll be Rxing like AVA…

  6. sassypants

    57(5), 62(3), 67(1), 72(1), 77(1)PR by a little 2#
    82(F)gave it a shot. oh well. the am girls are strong!

    Metcon: 9:26 rx’d (I think that was my exact time from last night too!)
    *8 consecutive kips in round 1….getting towards that goal EJ!

    Thanks for letting me crash your morning orgy 6am’ers. It was a little early for me to hear Elove talk about busting a nut….

  7. 95(5); 105(3); 115(1); 120(1); 125(1); One extra set – 130(1) – PR

    35lb plate
    spilt up GHD and Reg Sit ups

  8. Katie

    55 (5) – 50(3) – 65(1) – 70(F) – 67(1) – 67(1)

    Met Con: 13:08 jumping pull-ups & 25# plate

  9. Ben

    Subbed Deadlifts for Press

    205(5)-225(3)-245(1)-265(1)-275(1 – PR)-275(1 – Just to make sure I could get it)

    Very happy with these numbers. One of my 60 day goals was to hit 275 (or 1.5x bw). While a couple years ago I put up 300, it was with awful form and I’m only considering this a PR. This is a huge improvement over anything I’ve done in recent memory. Don’t ever want to give up the strength cycle.

    Metcon: 11:08, deadhanged half the number of pullups, rest as RXed.

  10. Come on people; I’ve picked up about 40 shreds of paper towel in the bathroom and the gym in the last 24 hours…don’t make me take away the papertowels!

    Here’s a hint: recyclables go in the recycle bin. Garbage goes in the garbage bin. Pretty please let’s keep the gym organized and clean. Much appreciated.

  11. mikey.bialos

    pic: those are definitely three fit chicks! Tisa is pretty hot too..
    press: 80(5)-100(3)- 115(1)-120(F)-115(1)… way off 1RM PR.
    metcon: 8:49 rxd

  12. vicnord

    (5)57 (3)62 (1)64 (1)66 (1)67 made good use of the incremental weights this morning

    14:30 metcon 25#plate jumping pull ups
    felt more comfortable using the GHD today

  13. danielmrank

    Press: 85(5)-90(3)-95(1)-100(1)-105(1)
    Conditioning WOD: 8:39 (OWL 35, subbed knuckle push-ups for pull-ups, hands still a bit ripped up from Murph)

  14. Brett

    115(5)-120(3)-130(1)-135(1)-145(f)-140(1) pr

    yankeecon in 15:45. Whimped out with 25 lb because holding arms above head for long exposes shoulder flexibility issues. Did half dead hand pullups, half jumping, and all GHD.

  15. stephmil

    who knew one pound could make that big of a difference…

    metcon – 12:38 with jumping pull ups

  16. Brett

    @ Brooke – an awful lot of pic’s of the old guy on the pullup bars. Was there a li’l sumpin’ sumpin’ going on there?? Do you and Neil have an ahem… understanding?

  17. Brooke

    @Brett – That camera work of the old dude was all Gymbelle. So maybe she has something to tell us all.

    But Neil and I are open to suggestions…

  18. Amylynne


    I had never tried to press above 80 before so this was rewarding. great to finally have allison as a coach. ;o)

    METCON: 7:36 RX’D (sass said i had to finish under 8 so the bar was set…)

  19. Alicia

    wanted to get 12 days in a row, but this back issue is a fucking pain in the ass. Taking a field trip to Crossfit Virtuosity Friday afternoon to visit Dr. Mike Murray. Thanks for the referral Chris P!

    Hope to be back in tomorrow for some light stuff.

  20. Melanie

    42-44-47-50-52… I have gone heavier than this but wasn’t feeling it during warm up.

    No metcon for me today. Had to run out for swim practice and wanted to save my energy.

  21. Ambrose

    BeBench press work for the meet. 275X5x3 finished up with some paper towel shreds about 40 over 24 hrs.

  22. hcolby

    115-125-140-150-165 (PR)

    11:58 on the metcon jumping pull-ups, 45lb weight, and half and half GHD/sit-ups

  23. alexsnape


    The 120 was a PR for 1RM and the two after that weren’t nearly as hard. It’s all in my head!

    The metcons are killing me in the heat – I feel so sluggish. Only got through one round + 17 GHDs.

  24. EJ

    @alicia – 12 days in a row as in, no days off in between? You should really try a 3 on/1 off schedule. After 4+ days, it’s battling diminishing returns, and with injuries, you might be doing more harm than good. Just my 2 cents

    going to start doing some proactive shoulder rehab..anyone with shoulder issues probably understands that crunchy feeling

    decided to scale back b/c of my shoulder

    Metcon – rx’d guys #45 plate

    a week off did some good, lost a bit of endurance, but working my way back

  25. EJ

    and – great coaching today by Allison 🙂 strong is beautiful gals. She’s a great coach, so be sure to listen and take in everything she says!

  26. MacIntyre

    I was all over the place today… 47-52-57-62-67 on the presses.
    got through 2 rounds + 7 walking lunges with a ten minute cap.
    Thank you Allison for being patient with me, while also making me get my shit together and using proper form! Awesome coaching.

  27. maddyl

    60(5)-65(3)-70(1)-75(1)-80(f) dropped to 77(1)
    Anything over 70# is a pr

    Jeanine thanks for the push

    2 rounds
    25# plate
    Ring rows
    Ab mat sit ups

  28. Joe

    had to sub deadlifts for press – #shouldermushyness

    Offically a member of the 300# deadlift club! just about double my bodyweight!!

    5 – 235
    3 – 255
    1 – 275
    1 – 285
    1 – 295
    1 – 300 (PR)

    Nice job to my deadlifting partner Larkin!

  29. Jeanine

    5 – 65#
    3 – 70#
    1 – 75#
    1 – 85#
    1 – 90# fail

    metcon got through 1 round the 20 pull ups

    Fun to lift with you Maddy!!!

  30. cat

    Good Mornings-
    45(5), 50(5), 55(5), 60(5), 65(5)

    Met Con-
    GHD’s, walking lunges with 1/2 pood kb, hip extensions


  31. Laura

    75(5) 80(3) 83(1) 85(1) 87(f)
    metcon DNF…..150 substituting ring rows for pull ups. It’s been a frustrating two days after all the dietary sins I committed over Memorial Day weekend :/

  32. Ang

    65 (5) 70 (3) 75 (1) 77 (1) PR by 2 79 (F) 77 (3 push presses)

    Metcon 10 min cap 2 rounds + 9
    rings rows

  33. ledbelly


    Been chasing this for almost 2 years

    metcon: DNF, 2 rounds + 3 GHDs, started with GHD’s. I sure wish I had those extra two minutes Jared got lol 😉 – 10 min cutoff

  34. sassypants

    in defense of dale, jared didn’t need to do any U-turns for the walking lunges. he was able to do his 30 reps with one length of the gym.
    jk. good work jaywalk AND chocolate thunder!

  35. AllisonV

    Shoulder Press: 50 (5) – 50 (3) – 55 (1) – 56.5 (1) – 60 (1)

    Metcon: DNF: 1 round + 26
    Sub: 15#, ring rows, ab mat

  36. dlede

    first off, nice work Ed! thats a huge PR!

    Press: 120(5), 130(3), 140 (1), 150 (1) PR, 155(f), 135 (1)

    I am with Dale, I have been chasing that PR for a while (not 2 years, but long enough) so was pumped to get that!

    metcon: 8:26 rx’ed, unbroken and comfortable pull-ups and lunges.. all awful ghds

    some traffic jams here or there slowed me down but no way I could have beat cyborg

  37. EdG


    Met con: 1 round + 7 rx’d
    Dogged it a bit today. Tired after softball game.

  38. Mike T

    Shoulder Press: 115(5), 135(3), 140(1), 145(1), 150(1), 155(1)(PR)

    Metcon: 16:35 rx’d (technically its a DNF, but we were allowed to finish it up. Thnx Allison!)

    Very happy I dragged my butt into the gym today. Was so very close to making it a lazy day.

  39. AllisonNYC

    Thanks Amylynne & EJ! Strong IS beautiful and both of you are both of those things. Always impressed by tiny little girls lifting heavy, heavy weights!

    Speaking of heavy weights… Dale.. seriously, 225 is no joke. And it went up like butter.

    Once I left the gym and cleared my head I giggled my whole way home. All I could think about was the poor 830 class saying “pressing snatch balance” as they lifted. hehehe.. Totally made me night. Eric, Jasen, Lauren & Mike, thanks for being such good sports. <3

  40. lauren

    Good times tonight 🙂

    50×5 55×3 60×3 65×1 68×1 70×1 71.5(F)
    71.5×3 push presses.

    14:58 rx’d.

  41. dquat


    midline felt strong and stable for the first time in months.

    8:46 rx’d but backwards.

  42. bfarrel

    125(5)-135(3)-145-155-165[pr]. Made a mistake and miscounted by 10 last night. I was out of it…

    Metcon: Finished rounds of 30 + 20.

    Hit a 1RM PR but there’s more…really nothing in the tank last night.

    Positive note: dlede, super pumped to see you nail that PR bro! That’s what the tuck does for you!