Wednesday Evening Sessions


Wednesday Evening Sessions

Couple of great sessions with Fried and Kayti and new-comer Laura Wednesday evening. 

Matt continued to master the CrossFit basics with session 2 of his Crash Course.  We introduced the Press, Push Press and Push Jerk then finished with a 10min AMRAP of 10 Burpees, 10 Push Press w 15#.  Matt you’re a quick learner, you’ll be jacking weight overhead in no time.

We rounded out the evening with Kayti and Laura by introducing Laura to the Squat and the Burpee as part of our warm-up/skill development, then jumped right into a challenging WOD that the girls pounded through with flying colors.  And of course my camera batteries died so I have no sweaty group photos to show off:-(
3 rounds of:
1 minute Double Unders
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Situps
1 minute Air Squats
1 minute Rest 

Post thoughts/results to Comments.