Wednesday, January 20th


Wednesday, January 20th


High Rep Prep:

As many wallballs as possible in 3 minutes


As many rounds as possible in 14 minutes of:

7 Hang Power Clean, 115/73
7 Push Press, 115/73
7 Front Squat, 115/73
7 Handstand Pushup

Post total wallballs, rounds + reps to Comments. For Rx+ use 145/93.

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  1. BAston

    Wall Balls: 55 (goal was 50, so I will take it)

    WOD: 4 rounds + 6 rx’d (HSPU’s went to shit pretty quickly)

    Chasing the beast that is Rob Seda all morning.

  2. robseda

    WB: 87
    metcon: 4+22 rx
    couple fails on WBs and one on hspu

    Matty serving up some hearty Wednesday goodness. COME GET SOME

  3. Matt

    WB: Wussed out.

    Wod: 6+20 Rx

    Back still in a huge knot from Gator, so skipped the wallballs and stuck with 115 instead of rx+, nice light work, focused on form

    If you haven’t picked up The Man Who Mistook his Wide for a Hat by Dr. Oliver Sacks, it’s not too late! We’ll meet to discuss the first week in January.

    Don’t forget the town hall meeting this Saturday at 1:30.

  4. ERIC S.

    3 rds for time
    15 thrusters (left arm) 24kg kb
    12 C2B
    15 thrusters (right arm) 24kg kb
    12 C2B
    Oly 15min emom 1 power snatch
    175, 180,185,190!

  5. Im_DTM

    Dropped in @ Crossfit NorthEast in Eastchester

    4×8 Back Squat

    Power Clean 135/95
    12 minute cap

    78 reps at the cap: 135 and 2 abmats

    Lots of people squatting with lifting gloves which was cool.

  6. BigTuck

    WB: 60

    Wod: 4 + 6 115#. Tried to do HSPU but my hand started to hurt on the first two. Just switched to regular push ups.

  7. ledbelly

    WOD – 4+11 rx’d+
    HSPU were very difficult, either due to rust or all the other shit today

    5 was achievable, heart is questionable – be better

  8. Melissa TruHero

    – Coach Derek tricked me with the last 5# and I surprised myself. It’s all in our heads! Thanks D!

    Emom @ 98#
    Only 4 min because my thumb tweaked a bit

    Snatch grip deadlift 4×4 @ 118#