Wednesday, January 27th


Wednesday, January 27th


Skill Work:

EMOM for 10 Minutes
Evens: Max Chest to Bar Pullups
Odds: 30 Second Hollow Rock

Post total pullups to Comments.


20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Hang power cleans, 155/105
2 rounds of “Cindy”

Compare to 4/1/15. Post time to Comments.

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  1. BAston

    Skill Work: First 2 rounds @ 10, 4 rounds @ 8, 4 rounds @ 7.

    WOD: 6 + 20 rx’d
    First time doing this combination. Made the mistake of resetting the clean at the hang during the first 2 rounds, kept it up by the shoulders after. Definitely gassed at the end of this one.

  2. Matt

    Skill Work: All rounds mostly around 10, broken in half… worked on butterfly chest to bar, tough on the hands. made it through two full rounds of hollow rock, then no more abs

    WOD: 8 + 5 rx’d
    First time doing this combination. Made the mistake of being a wuss, taking my time. This is a good one to do with a partner chasing you. Ow.

    January’s Oliver Sacks Book Club Meeting! DTUT at 7:00pm on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd…
    February Book Choices:, cast your vote! Current frontrunner is American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

  3. JamesH


    If you haven’t heard yet, DT Big Red / Big Cat Dan Taylor is pursuing his dream to be a kiteboard bro and leaving NYC at the end of the month. : (

    As such, I need to find a new roommate. Hollaatchaboi if you know anyone. 92nd and Lex, ~$1100 with me and two other bros.

    [email protected]

  4. Elisabeth

    DT leaving the ‘Trop????? Oh no!!!! When are we meeting for farewell drinks?

    Oly this morning. Missing RUDY!!!

    Changed my snatch grip and foot position a few weeks ago and am working on form, so doing everything with light weights.

    complex: 1 snatch pull from floor + 1 high hand snatch + 1 full snatch
    10 reps, every 1:45 min, did all 10 reps @53

    Snatch pull: 15 @ 83lbs

    Then some pull-ups and toes to bar. None of them Rx. Pull-ups with black band.

  5. juliavery

    150 wall balls, 14lbs
    6:33. Not my best time 🙁

    Sumo deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

    1 clean and jerk EMOM x30
    83×3,88×3,93×3,98×3,103×3,108×2,113×2,118×2,123×2,128×2,133,138,143,148(made clean, missed jerk 3 times)

    5k row. 23:00. Womp.

    EMOM x7
    4 strict pull-ups + 6 Kipping ring dips (which I still can’t do correctly)

  6. Kim

    Oly with Darcy & Coach Mel

    Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch + Full Snatch
    EOMOM for 20 mins
    63 – 68 – 68 – 68 -73 – 73 – 78 – 78 – 83 -88

    15 Snatch Pull Singles @ 123

  7. Tapout

    C2B/hollow rocks
    6 each round, red band kipping w hold at the top. Hollow rock has were pathetic.
    Wod: 4+46 93#, small orange band