Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

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  1. Jared

    365-385-405(tied PR)-415(f)-415(f)

    Walk to the gym, run, accessory work and walk home with a 20 lbs. weight vest. That weight vest will take some getting used to, it really took a lot out of me.

  2. Carmen

    165-185(f)-175 (PR!)-180(f)

    Julie if you want to write down your work from today it was:

  3. Paige

    215# PR
    -didn’t attempt higher-prob should have went for it but I was happy with this. DLs used to scare me.

  4. Benjammin

    255 (25 under last PR)

    Struggled this morning. Took me 10 minutes just to get my first set of 225 off the ground. Dropped down to 185 and did a set of 5. Finally got up the 225 and threw on 255 just to make sure I didn’t go home completely bummed.

    Cash Out
    21-15-9 GHD sit ups
    30-60-90 sec plank hold

  5. Nicole

    185#. I guess pr since I never did 1RM before, but not very excited at this. Nagging left adductor complex that got aggravated at second warm up, hurt the entire workout.

  6. TC

    @Vikram – that’s some BIG weight and a HUGE PR…Awesome job!

    Back Squat 10X3 275 lbs (85% 1RM), rest exactly 2 minutes.

    60 strict dips (on bars)
    Sets: 15, 15, 10, 10, 10

  7. sassypants

    CrossFit Jolt in Lambertville, NJ
    (Here for the week for a curriculum design conference)
    Feels good to be a big fish in little pond again hehe

    Cash in: 5 shuttle runs @ 1:33 (time of day for gals)

    WOD: 15min AMRAP
    15 kb swing @1pood
    Walking lunges to other end of gym
    15 shoulder to overhead @65#
    Frog leaps back to beginning
    (Gym is about 150meters long)

    3 rounds + swings + lunges + 10push press rx’d

    (There was no instruction for any of the movements)

  8. PJ

    325#, PR for the new back. First time using a belt in many moons, and at least mentally it really helped.

    @the artist formerly known as Skinny V – nice!

    Great class tonight.

  9. Joe

    Dropped in at Crossfit Center City in Philadelphia. I have to say what a great experience. Great big facility with locker rooms. The people couldn’t have been nicer, both coaches on duty came up to me during the class before when they saw me rolling out and introduced themselves and gave me the lay of the land. We had solid mobility warm up, then we warmed up the lift of the day with great instruction, then got to the main event which was:
    “American Dream” – 20 minute AMRAP ladder of 1,2,3…….Cleans and Muscle Ups.
    I got 6 rounds plus 3 Muscle Ups @135#. That’s 21 muscle ups for me….I’m back baby!!!!

    Sorry this was long, but i really have seen and heard you all talk about some bad boxes out there, so i wanted to highlight a great Crossfit Experience. Oh yeah and did i mention the first calss you drop in is FREE!!!!

  10. Jon

    Back was feeling really sore after the last three days so I did an EWOD instead.

    3 5K’s in central park

    1st 5K-30 Min-This one was the worst. I felt every sore and tight muscle.

    7 Min Rest

    2nd 5K-30 Min-This felt good. Soreness was gone.

    7 Min Rest

    3rd 5K-24 Min-I could’ve done this one with a 6 min pace but I was trying to pace myself.

    Not once did I feel fatigued during the whole thing. Just sore and tight muscles that kept my numbers down. Definitely couldn’t say the same thing a year ago! Thanks CFM!!

  11. zompetti

    all more than I have done before! Haven’t really had the chance to find my max DL since the second week i started at CFM. My goal was body weight, and i did 30 lbs over that!!

    accessory work was fun. those crossovers brought back fond memories of softball training in college…..

  12. phillipc

    warmup 135-275

    working 315-335-345-355-365F…not sure if 400 by yearend is realistic, we’ll see


  13. Melissa T.

    Thanks @Tapout (Lisa)! You did awesome and kept me going too.
    Congrats to Kim on that PR – great job!

    Worked up to a max DL (PR) of 193# myself 🙂

    Shoulders were too tight so did 30-25-20 of back extensions and GHD sit-ups

    Rest day tomorrow Rx

  14. james

    max dead lift was 255#, which is 20lb below my last 1 rep max dead lift. the accessory work was tough, took longer to get through that then i thought it would