Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


Wednesday, July 17th, 2013


She Did It!  Allison Got Her First Pull-Up!!!!  Wahoooo!!!

8 Rounds of Tabata For Each Exercise (20 On, 10 Off)
Row for Calories – Damper on 10
Rest 1 Minute
Thrusters for Reps –  65/95lbs
Rest 1 Minute
Row for Calories – Damper on 5
Rest 1 Minute
Thrusters for Reps – Empty Bar

Score For Each Tabata is Lowest Scored Round. 
Total Score for the WOD is lowest round from each set combined.
Sand banging or gaming the tabatas gets an automatic Zero!  Push Hard full 20 Seconds!

Bring bar to the Hip before putting it down.. No dumping from overhead.

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  1. EulK

    row 5
    thruster 3 / 85
    row 4
    thruster 6

    was really considering giving up on those first set of thrusters. brutal.



    DTUT – 8:00

    2nd Avenue between 90th & 91st Street

    Come one, come all – just come =)

  3. patrick

    Row – 9
    Thruster – 6
    Row – 0 (took off some rounds to throw up)
    Thruster – 0 (see above)

    if I remove the rounds where I got 0, I was on pace for 27. Oh well, next time.

  4. Yuan

    Row: 5
    Thruster: 4 @ 35#
    Row: 5
    Thruster: 5 @ 35#
    Total = 19

    Thanks for the advice, Nicole! Checking Trigger Point website now…

  5. Abby

    5’s all around.. 20 total

    Subbed burpees+jump tuck for first round of thrusters and regular burpees for second round.

  6. jmiz

    7 / 2 (!) / 6 / 6 = 21 as rx’ed. Started out with 4s on the 95ers but my glutes and hams revolted after the last two days of heavy squats.

  7. johanna

    row: 4
    Thrusters @53: 4
    row: 4
    thruster @33: 7
    total 19.

    Probably should have gone Rx, but I’m still pretty scared of thrusters. Felt it a little in my shoulder using 53.

    Why am I the slowest/worst rower at the gym?? Can someone teach me??

  8. Melissa T.

    Anyone interested in running the NYC Marathon in the fall but wasn’t able to register? A coworker of mine has a friend that works for LIVESTRONG who has 50 spots open. You’d have to raise the norm $3k, but would be guaranteed a spot.

    Let me know if anyone wants, I’ll forward info. Thanks!

    P.S. You can email me at [email protected]

  9. ERIC S.

    Crossfit 212
    8min to find our 1 rep max thruster. Must clean it from the ground.
    Then 21-15-9 thrusters & burpees #115
    6:09 rx
    Great clasd lead by Amy

  10. Jon

    RX – Jcash and I did both rows wearing our stylish new gas masks!


    Also, any other takers for a wknd braving the elements of the wilderness that Jcash mentioned yeserday!? So far we have got a good solid crew coming together.

  11. Jason Castro

    RX’d 19
    with the gas mask. Jon did it so had to do it too.
    Come on guys and girls, we can look for some wild animals that you normally wouldn’t see . Yea I’m that good at finding animals. Well reptiles and amphibians that is. And we can get lucky with the mammals and birds.

  12. Melissa T.

    Shoulder was feeling tweaky again so Allison made me do front squats instead of thrusters – thanks for that! would have broken myself otherwise.

    FS @ 65
    total was 18 (4,5,4,5)

    time to see a doc for all my issues!

  13. Michael.Halsey

    7/3/5/5: 20 at 85lb. Brutal and awesome are the only two appropriate adjectives for this workout.