Wednesday, June 15th


Wednesday, June 15th


As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes:
25 calorie row
150ft lunges holding kettlebells at the sides, 2 x 24/16
300ft front rack carry, 2 x 24/16
15 handstand pushups
1 medball hillsprint, 20/14
20 pistols

From Road to the Games 2016 with Noah Ohlsen and Dan Bailey

Oly Class

2 Power Clean + 1 Clean
5 x (2 + 1)

Clean Pull

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  1. BAston

    2 rounds + 26 (row & 1 lap of lunges) rx’d

    Lunges were awful
    Front rack walk was OK
    HSPU were quite nice
    Pistols were ugly, I’d rattle a few off in a row, then fall over on one of them.

  2. dtm

    Oly Complex:
    A few bonus cleans at 185 and failed cleans at 195

    Clean pulls at 195

    3 rounds
    20 pistols (assisted)
    15 back extensions

  3. Ron


    Random: if anyone has some time tomorrow night, I could use a baby sitter for 2 kids from 6:30-9pm. 9177501722

  4. sassypants

    Wod: 2+15 cal
    *all Rx’d except hspu BC my face don’t like being upside down

    Oly: worked up to 108 for complex, 118 for pulls

  5. Melissa TruHero

    1+62 (8 pistols short of 2 rounds)
    – wasted some time trying to get some rx hspu…gave up and switched to pike push-ups
    – lunges surprisingly not so bad haha
    – pistols with thin red band from pull-up bar

    Oly clean complex

    Quads fried.

  6. Liz

    Row, lunges, overhead walk with 35# plate, decline push ups onto paralletes, run,and pistols

    Thank goodness Derek was very easy to convince into joining the fun!

  7. patrick

    1 + 39 with some scaling
    2 pads on HSPU
    Band assisted pistols

    Those lunges took me forever. Melissa crushing spirits by blowing those out…lol