Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


Wednesday, June 19th, 2013


5 Sets of Max Rep Ring Push-Ups

Rest 1 Minute
Flawless body position and ROM.

It’s A Dual!
Athlete 1:  250m Row Sprint
Athlete 2:  Max Rep Burpees
Athlete 1:  500m Row
Athlete 2:  Max Rep Burpees
Athlete 1:  750m Row
Athlete 2:  Max Rep Burpees

Score is Total Burpees!

“Develop the Squat or Play Kickball”
Pull-Up Mechanics – Kelly Starrett
The Skill Transfer of the Burpee – Carl Paoli

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  1. BAston

    This is an arousing pic.

    Ring push ups: highest round 20, lowest round 9

    Wod: 87 burpees (Brendan in my face for the last round was great / awful).

  2. Jared

    Ring push ups: 24 for highest, 8 for lowest (turn out when locked out)

    WOD: 82 burpees – mike is an incredible rower

  3. Meredith

    Ring push-ups: 16/6

    Burpees: 97
    Rowing isn’t Paige and my thing haha! Thanks for suffering thru with me partner! 🙂

    My new mantra, complements of B: “Let the the tiger out of the cage!!!”

  4. DT

    My new mantra- Half Man. Half Machine.


    pushups 12/5
    77 burpees. Great rowing Joe!!

    Bboy was yelling– Who owns metropolis! Who is the king! TRUTH

    Falling asleep in a squat. Thats when you know. #KNOWN

  5. Abby

    4/3 ring pushups.. amazing numbers, I know.

    I think Darcy and I are on the same boat as Meredith and Paige.. rowing is not our thing.

    105 burpees

  6. Ambrose

    Highest round 30 lowest 8…wheels fall off.

    100% ANIMAL 100% MACHINE (think Terminator version of a Pumma).

    Rowing with DT was the truth! 84 burps, you don’t have to go fast just don’t stop moving for the 500 and the 750. You could sandbag the rows if you are not 100% ANIMAL 100% MACHINE.

    If you really wanted to measure the performance on this WOD I would do #Burps/total rowing time but considering how we have trouble adding up 3 rounds of burps for a total number I am not optimistic.

  7. jmiz


    51 burpees. I was only one to show up at 9am so just burpee’ed for as long as it took me to row.

    Pretty awesome having coach b to myself at 9am…amazing how much you can learn in only a few minutes.

  8. ledbelly

    Ring Push-ups – 25 highest, 21 lowest

    I admit, I may have sandbagged the first round tabata style – we all do it 🙂

    RowBurp – 88

    Brendan was really hype this morning, reminded me of an episode of Friday Night Lights #TimRigginsLeilaGarrity

  9. Jenna

    CFM beach day June 30th!!

    There is a group of us going out to Long Beach on Sunday, June 30th. Anyone and everyone is welcome and should join!

    We’ll meet sunday morning (time tbd) and take the LIRR straight out there.

    Shoot me an email at [email protected], if you are interested in going so that we can coordinate a group meeting time and location.

  10. jmiz

    P.S. I very much appreciated the pun on the homophones “dual / duel.” Could have gone either way there. Sir/madam/beast/whoever does the posting of this stuff: well-played.

  11. patrick

    Ring pushups: 13/5
    Realizing there are still some things that remind I had shoulder surgery. Anytime the ring moved just a little forward or back, I was done. Need to work on these on my own.

    Burpees: 74

  12. MikeM

    9/7 for push-ups.

    55 burpees. 4 days into married life and I’m already letting myself go.

    I’ve got a pair of black reebok crossfit lifting shoes (size 10.5) if anyone wants them. Used them for about 3 months?

    I also have a telescoping 2 bike rack I’d like to sell for 50 bucks.

  13. EJ

    SOCIAL on Saturday @ 4PM – Annual Summer Social at the Boat Basin

    It’s time for another social event!! We’ll be heading down to the Boat Basin Cafe. We’ll have our own dedicated area, so come thirsty! It’s a great way to hang out, meet some new members and celebrate the summer! (West 79th Street on the Hudson River)

    **Please note that we have a private bar – YAY! but it is a CASH BAR. So be sure to run to the ATM beforehand if you’re feeling thirsty**

  14. Amylynne

    Collar city crossfit

    21-15-9 DL/box jumps (ex was 135/20in- I did 138/24in)
    4:46 RX’d (+ for Jared)

    Then 5 min amrap: 5 T2B/5 Hspus

    Didn’t count this one bc I used the paralletes and started to fail at 3rd rd. so took them away and finished normally. Maybe 6+ 1?

    Then 5×2 BS 148 (92% 1RM)

  15. sassypants

    4 ring push-ups each round, kept low to focus on form

    Metcon: 91 burpees with my favorite partner, Steph Mill

  16. Melissa T.

    Push-ups: 12/5
    Burpees: 90

    Talked into cash out “Annie” with the dynamic duo Jon and JCash: 8:00
    -singles instead of double-unders

    Haha @Eroc, that must have been pretty funny to see!

  17. Joe

    Ring Pushups:

    Burpees – 73 – thank god Lee is good at rowing, i felt woozy during the burps and I am not sure i could have gotten to 80.

    J-Cash and Jon identical Annie Cashout times?? You should have gone to overtime and done the 50 again!! 🙂 Nice job fellas!

  18. Rolf

    Regular push ups 20-20-20-20-13

    Went head to head with Ariel… Lost 54 to 58

    We did the wod in 12 min… Crushed.

  19. mpacer

    Regular push ups: 6/3

    Burpees: 72…62… Something like that..

    I am slow at rowing -_- , sorry Jess!!

  20. Carmen

    Too nice to work out indoors. 4.1 mile loop around Central Park. 38:02. I looked at my clock when I was close to done and saw 33 minutes. When I realized I could finish in under 40 mins, I started hauling ass. Before starting CF, I probably NEVER would’ve done that. Thanks for the push Metropolis.

    Regular push-ups 10/8/6/5/5. In my defense, this was after dinner.

  21. Alicia

    5/4 regular push-ups, no rings

    73 – tied w my partner, Wing. Finished in 15:30. Glad to have a wod which required no thinking…needed one of those. Rest day tomorrow