Wednesday, June 1st


Wednesday, June 1st


For time:
1000m row
30 Shoulder Press 95/65
1000m row
25 Push Press 135/95
1000m row
20 Push Jerks 185/125

Post time to Comments.

Oly Class

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Front Squat
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Attempt to increase across all 10 sets.

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  1. BAston

    29:18 rx’d

    Presses felt good, PP’s were quick, the jerks went to singles after 4 sets of 2. Hardest part was bringing it back down.

  2. Matt

    Local Event! Tue, Jun 7, 7:30 pm, 92nd St YMCA

    Malcolm Gladwell in Conversation with Jacob Weisberg:

    Malcolm Gladwell has made us reassess the way we understand the world and ourselves. Join him and his new collaborator, Slate Group chairman Jacob Weisberg, to find out how they’ll shake things up next.

    1. BAston

      I saw that Regis Philbin is speaking at the YMCA as well…. I’d be all over that if anyone wants to go. Regis is the shit.

  3. Melanie

    OHS triples: 73-83-93-98-103 (i think this matches my 3rm)
    FS triples: 108-113-118-123(2)-123F

    10 rounds: 250m row 1 min rest

  4. Tapout

    24:05 48#, 73#, 93#

    Thought I was doing 103# and was mighty impressed with myself.
    Will do this one again.

    Go Katie!!

  5. RichS

    I might have messed up on the number of reps, for some reason I think I didn’t do them all.

  6. Jason

    95# SP
    135# PP
    145# PJ
    Got though 7 jerks at 30 min time cap
    attempted rx, but shoulder’s were burned and time was running out

  7. ledbelly

    Sorry to miss this one, I will def make it up and I will absolutely sandbag the row

    rowing = active rest

    Crossfit Central London – Finally fuckin made it to this place

    Cleans 6×3 – I have no idea how much weight I did because I don’t know KG or use phones, but it was decent weight and the coach gave me good pointers. Need to fully extend. I may only do cleans from the hang for a while to work on this, along with some pause cleans. Actually, I probably won’t but I should.

    Superset bench with weighted push-ups 6×3 (3 sets of push-ups, this was not easy)

    Pull-ups 4×8 – The brits were super impressed with me until this point – goat! Ironically I am staying at a place called the grazing goat

    Push Press – 6×3 (coach told me to skip this part and do the core shit, which I obviously need more)

    Some core exercise that begins with an A – really weird spelling – 3×12 (felt good)

  8. patrick

    24:58 @ 75/115/145

    2.5 months off really destroys you in every way. Row felt like hell. Weight felt way too heavy.

  9. sassypants

    It’s gonna be a summer of two a days!
    OHS worked up to 103×3
    FS worked up to 140×3 (failed third rep of 145)

    Wod: 29:45 @58, 83, 93