Wednesday, June 22nd

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  1. Matt

    19:51 Rx, that was the most fun. Two sets of 50 and a 12 minute 400m run.

    1 1/4 Squats 4-4-4-4

  2. BAston

    24:08 rx’d


    The soreness that’s going to come from this workout is going to be painful. I was hoping Matt would fail at the 99th rep so I had a shot to catch him at the end…. But no dice.

  3. dtm

    Cleans: 135(2)-145(2)-155(2)-165(2)-175(5)-185(1)

    FS: 135-145-155-165

    29:59 Rx (22-12-12-9-11-9-9-9-7)

  4. Melanie

    Power Clean: 73-73-78-83-83-88-93-93-98-103-108-113-118(f)-118-123(f) these felt bad
    FS: 93-103-108-113 these felt good
    WOD: 13:52 @ 43lbs (33-30-22-15)
    This was fun. I will try this again at 53 or 63 when I have more time and want to run more 😉

  5. JLee

    OLY Class

    95 up to 145 on Power Cleans – Thanks for helping fix my form Coach Melanie
    125 on the torture Front Squats

    Anyone have any good articles/pointers for better upper body balance on front squats? My left shoulder always caves before my right. Not just in squats but most parts of life.

    1. JLee

      Really wanted to bench press 100 times but didn’t have it left in me. Maybe a fun one for the weekend.

  6. Liz

    89 reps at 57# by the 30min timecap
    love the running with some benching in between