Wednesday, March 28th


Wednesday, March 28th

Reminder: Tomorrow is Open Gym during all class hours.


5 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
80/115-lb Push Press, 15 reps

Post time to Comments.

Friday will involve a moderate amount of moderately heavy clean and jerks.

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  1. Berdy

    16:21 @ 75lbs

    Cash out: 5 minute plank hold, first 2:33 unbroken, then4 breaks over the course of the remaining time

  2. johanna

    First official wod back at the Trop
    20:00 @33#

    Small victories:
    -Thrilled to have my body back
    -I didn’t walk any of the runs, just went really slowly
    -33# felt great and went unbroken
    -Dan only lapped me once ????

  3. BAston


    Bench Press: 135(10) – 165(5) – 175(5) – 185(3×3) – 165(5) – 135(10)
    A few sets of 20 GHD’s and some strict Pull-Ups in between.

    Wednesday WOD:
    16:56 rx’d
    The runs felt better than the push press… Go figure.

  4. annagailite

    Open gym THURSDAY:
    Some shoulder mobility

    Small WOD
    20 Dumbel Clean and Jerk @25lb
    40 Wall Ballls @14lb
    60 Duble unders

  5. Berdy

    Sunday’s deadlift workout in Thursday’s open gym:


  6. Rekas

    Thursday OG
    5s: 175,185
    3s: 200,205,215
    1s: 225,230,235,245 pr

    Some muscle-up drills
    Ring-dips 5-5-5-5-5

  7. Joe

    Bench 3’s

    Wedmesday’s Wod:
    20:12 rx

    Was crawling on the runs. Still dealing with some solid congestion

  8. Liz

    weighted pull ups with Richie: got up to 25# single strict pull up
    strict press 10-10-10-5×3: 33-43-53-63×5
    super set with work on getting low pull on c2b with thick green band for 5s