Wednesday, May 18th


Wednesday, May 18th




For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Compare to 3/16/15. Post time to Comments.

Oly Class

25 Minute EMOM

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  1. Kim

    Ang! I miss her so!

    Dropped in to CF Dallas Central
    3 rounds
    7 push jerk 50KG
    250 m row sprint
    Rest 90 secs

    3 rounds
    7 power cleans 50KG
    200 m run
    Rest 90s

    I survived @ 35kgs

    Cash out for quality- 10 min amrap
    3 muscle ups, 10 strict T2B, 10 alternating pistols
    I did 6 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 pistols holding on to the rack. 3 + 18

  2. Matt

    100 pushups with a weight vest, not for time

    3 mile run, to Scylla Point and back, 26:43 Rx

    100 parallette pushups with a weight vest, not for time

  3. Darcy

    Miss you Ang!!

    Thought I could do the 100 pulls ups, but @13:48 I was only at 50, so I stopped there. Got through all 100 for everything else.

  4. Melanie

    Ang! What a great warm-up for Memorial Day Murph šŸ˜‰

    Oly: so many snatches, so little time.. great way to focus on technique at moderate to heavy weight for majority of the reps and then work your way up as you are feeling good.

    53(2)-63(2)-68(2)-73(2)-78(2)-83(3)-88(3)-93(F)-93(3)-98(2)-103(2)-108 PR!
    extra cred: 110 Fx2

  5. dtm

    19:39 Rx

    First time doing Angie. I ran one of the warm-up 400s with the big weight vest and I didn’t like it.

  6. Melissa TruHero

    Snatch 25min emom
    Had Coach D change the plates for me on last weight and he added 10#. Got under every time but couldn’t stick it/bar came forward too much and momentum would pull me down. Current Pr is 108#

    Mu progression cash out: 6×3 false grip pull-ups

    1. dquat

      overpulling bar crash. youve got it! but t’was a sad sight seeing you that close and failing.

  7. Arnaldo

    The Angie 50 in 29 minutes

    Did 50 of each movement. I had to change my approach with the pull ups to get to 50 in a reasonable time. Glad Coach D helped me with that.

    I look forward to tackling this again in the near future

  8. PlayGurlPattyG

    My very 1st Angie so I had to scale her down into rounds 5×20 with banded pull ups 26:12

    Hoping next time I see and Angie she brings a coffee.

    Cheers to me not being confused!!

  9. Elisabeth

    7:30 pm Oly
    53-53-58-58-58(f)-58-63-63-63-68-68(f)-68-68-68-68-68-68-73-73(failed 7 times)-73

    Felt so good at the beginning an thought I might even PR, but then had 7 fails at 73 for no good reason. Made the last lift only because of good shoulder mobility and decided that that was now the time to stop before I get more frustrated.

    I could not resist doing Angie, was inspired by the pic of Ang, and did the full Angie. Pull ups were done with black band and push ups were done kneeling on an abmat. But I did 100 of everything. Thanks to the entire 8:30 pm crew to do the last 60 or 70 air squats with me and to Coach Steph for doing most of the sit-ups with me and all of the air squats, and for counting me down on the air squats.

    Time: 39:21

    My first complete Angie is in the books. Thanks to Coach D for a great Oly class and for staying late so I could finish Angie past the 30 min time cap.