Wednesday, September 28th


Wednesday, September 28th


Find a one rep max power clean.

Then, with a partner:
100 combined squat cleans for time (135/95)

One partner must hang from the bar while the other partner accumulates cleans.

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    1. JLee

      in hindsight, I remember all the running on this day and you crushed it. personally im glad I was close enough to be in the photo

  1. patrick

    1 rep Power Clean: 210
    Wod: 16:18 RX with BAston

    I cut myself on PC due to my back. Still sore from monday.

    The hanging is the worst part of the WOD. Prepare yourself

  2. BAston

    Power Clean: 185# (failed 195# a few times – PR is 205#). Out in front and on my toes, need to go back to the drawing board on this lift.

    WOD: 16:18 with Patrick.

    Hanging was certainly better than the cleans for me. Felt weak AF this morning. I’ll chalk that up to the Lake Tahoe effect.

    Live to fight another day.

  3. Darcy

    PC @98# can’t get past this ????
    Wod w/Denise
    87 reps Rx
    She did most hanging was the worst part, glad I could entertain you Matt.

  4. ERIC S.

    Snatch 7×3 @ 135#
    10min EMOM
    Odd 10 deadlifts @ 225
    Even 20 ghd sit-ups

    Power Clean 1 rep max 275# p.r.
    Partner Wod 100 cleans at 135 w/Rob Seda
    Forearm pump Rx’d

  5. Melissa TruHero

    Power cleans

    Partner wod with J$
    9:32 (I did rx, he did power cleans @135)

    Ab stuff

  6. JLee

    170# power clean PR

    WOD lonely guy version
    10 rounds of 5 cleans @ 115 + 20 second hang

    41 reps @ 15 min cap

    Could not string together cleans for the life of me. My partner would have left me anyways.

  7. Vishal

    Hotel Gym-
    Run .75 miles @ 8mph
    3 sets, 15 reps, incline dumbbell press @ 40#
    3 sets lat pull down
    3 sets bicep curls
    3 sets of machine squats

    1 hour of paddle boarding
    1.5 hours of snorkeling