Wednesday, September 7th


Wednesday, September 7th

10AM CLASS IS CANCELLED TOMORROW. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Accumulate 5 minutes in a (modified) bridge


3 rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 KB Swings, 24/16
12 Pull-ups

Post time to Comments. Compare to 3/11/15.

Oly Session

10 Min EMOM
Power Clean + Jerk

BTN Push Press
4 – 4 – 4

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  1. ledbelly

    Squats (5’s) – 185-225-245-275-295-305-315

    Cash-out – Crank Cycling Studio (Probably one of the most hilarious mornings I’ve ever had)

    Injured exercise rx’d

  2. JLee


    C&J up to 165# split jerks are feeling good today

    Technically a PR but if it were not the end of an EMOM in a very humid gym today, probably would’ve added a few more lbs

    Mailed it in during the BTN push press because my shoulder mobility sucks in that position. Next time.

  3. Tapout

    14:22 Rx

    It says I did 13:17 last time. Which seems close to impossible as it is all in the pull ups.
    But not sure how I could have counted wrong with this WOD!

  4. PlayGurlPattyG


    C&J 83 That was my 85% today. Still a bit off from yesterday’s WOD. But feeling like I get it now.

    BTN Push Pres a weird move did these at 53