Wednesday Skills and Drills


Wednesday Skills and Drills

Show up at the Boat House in Central Park at normal WOD hours. I can tell you there will be no swimming or horseback riding involved. It’s highly likely that we’ll do some running. Don’t worry, it will be fun.

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  1. belbogen

    4 rounds – 37:30

    All I can say is, good luck afternoon crew! Definitely more fun in the rain though.

  2. mhigg

    4 rounds, 38:50. Simple, yet effective. Doubling down on fish oil today.

    Elove, we should have more WODs in the park on rainy mornings. Good times!

  3. mjohnston

    3 rounds in 28:40 – photo finish with newbie; think I got him though. See everybody after Labor Day.

  4. Jordan

    Thanks guys. 4 in 38 something (my brain was hurting too much to hear it).
    Lauren 3 in 35:15.
    See you tomorrow.