Wednesday Skills and Drills


Wednesday Skills and Drills

20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Snatch
10 OHS
15 Box Jumps, 24″
W 95/65lb barbell

Post rounds to Comments.

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  1. mhigg

    7 rounds, 5 snatch, 5 OHS as rx’d

    Elove, no worries if you don’t want to open Friday morning. I may take my bender right through the weekend.

  2. Good luck on the bender higg; i was considering forcing a REST DAY on Friday so folks would be fresh ahead of FGB, but there’s enough folks that won’t make FGB, so we’re biz as usual on Friday AM.
    Also stay tuned for a new exciting friday pm WOD coming soon to a metropolis gym near you

  3. mputnam

    an additional $200 was donated to wounded warriors project as a matched contribution from my brothers company. this won’t show up in our team total so I just wanted to mention it as it will still find its way to this great cause. we’ll have to put a * next to our total.

  4. afleming13

    7+ snatch, ohs @ 65lbs

    Happy Freaking fall/ harvest moon…if you know what I’m talking about you either a) saw Eric at the box today or b) have time during the day to look up things that other people might miss

  5. jmiz

    Spa gym day. Couldn’t do the metropolis wod so went main site modified:

    25 walking lunge steps / 20 pull-ups / 50 box jumps (24 in.) / 25 dips / 10 burpees / 20 KNE / 30 KB (1.5 pood) / 30 sit-ups / 20 hang squat cleans (35# dbs) / 25 BEs / 30 thrusters (45# bar) / 10 towel pullups

    thought this would be easier…25 mins.

    practiced DUs afterwards…3 in a row! progress.