Wednesday Skills and Drills


Wednesday Skills and Drills

SDHP, 75/55

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  1. Rock Climbing Outing – the 23rd and 24th. Please let me know by Friday if you plan to join and which day you’re joining for (sat or sun or both) Its gonna be fun. If you’re worried because you’ve never gone climbing; that’s the point! Nobody has. Don’t be shy, go climb.

  2. lauren

    Save the date: I’m co-hosting my annual Halloween bash on Oct 30th @ 9 pm. It’ll be at my friends’ apt downtown. (I’ll leave info at the gym.) Costumes strongly recommended.

    Boo –

    Gym Belle

  3. Jimmy Page

    95 sdhp + 85 pushups = 180

    TABATA – You may know of Izumi Tabata and his revolutionary study on interval training, but I bet you never heard of his younger brother, Ralphie, the black sheep of the family.

    While the more handsome and intelligent Izumi went on to a successful career in sports sciences, Ralphie invented the “dakimakura” – aka the body pillow girlfriend.