Wednesday’s Girl


Wednesday’s Girl


5 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats
** 65/95 **

Cash Out:
1 Minute of Max Burpees

β€œWhat lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Adam Van Auken

    20:00 Rx’d. First time RXing Nancy and in the new box so this is a good benchmark. This was my third day training in a row and I was pretty tired on the first run. So, I hope to beat this next time. First two rounds of OHS were unbroken. Third round 10 and 5 I think. Last round failed on last rep of set 2 which cost me.

    Runs were very slow. I may do this in oly shoes next time since this WOD is all about the OHS. My snatch was also comical. I need to work on breathing too.

  2. Vikram

    I miss my 6 AM CFM fix, but yoga was awesome. A really nice, rejuvenative break. Always great sharing it with some CFM family.

    Could use some more shoulder stretching. Always open to trying new things, if others have suggestions.

    Back at it tomorrow. Been seeing Oly lifts in my sleep. Taking frequent Aimee Anaya You Tube breaks…

  3. GusFerg

    16:33 (45 lbs) – Overhead squat needs mobility and technique work
    Cashout – 24 reps
    6am is the way forward!

  4. mcohen

    Hot Yoga Rx’d.

    I am going to just keep repeating myself. This is a mobility game changer. If you have flexibility/ mobility issues, please come give this a try. Everyone of us who has experienced yoga is hooked.

    Tomorrow we OLY lift, because I now miss it since I have not lifted in 12 hours.

  5. Jared


    We had two new CFMers join us this morning, Tommy and Lauren.

    To piggy back on what mike said: it really is amazing. Our mobility work before a WOD is great, but it is nothing compared to doing a full hour of stretching and balance work. It’s also nice for an active rest day.

    We have also pretty much taken over the studio. If you are worried about looking stupid, look no further than me. I am one of the most unflexible/immobile people in the world. It may be mental, but I think I am more flexible after adding yoga and my nightly stretches.

  6. Melanie

    First time meeting Nancy… Eh she’s alright

    21:53 @ 55lbs… Will aim to do this Rx next time

    Cashout: 24

  7. ledbelly

    17:21 rx’d – must run faster, OHS unbroken in all rounds

    Cashout: “Got a condo on my wrist girl, Im cashin out” – 18 (should have left when I had the chance)

  8. brandy.pearson

    I love Nancy–definitely making this up tomorrow at my old box in Texas. Sorry to miss it with my 6:30 peeps!

  9. EJ

    9am class aka ELove + 2 Filipinos

    14:18 rx’d (+4 secs)

    Awesome about how well yoga is going for your mobility. If you guys are open to other yoga sessions I recommend taking Yoga for Athletes at Remorca fitness. Gymbelle goes there and can attest that the instructor really understands the guise of Crossfit and works to help loosen you up. Email me of you want more info

  10. Vikram

    Coach Allison – I’m totally in love with Oly gals. I fessed up to my wife, and she completely understands.

    Functional bodies, moving with speed, flexibility and POWER. BOOM! It’s awesome.

    I went so wrong years ago getting endurance skinny. This is going to change. Inspired.

  11. sara

    15:13 but smiley face: Only managed one round of OHS before my left wrist started killing me. Switched to very light back squats for the rest of the rounds. Tried to push hard on the runs to make up for it.

    Cash out: 18 burpees

  12. just because its good for you…doesn’t mean I cant make fun of it. and i’m going to offer a follow-on trash talking question: Whats your Nancy time?

  13. Jared

    It’s 14:40.

    If I owned a gym, I would probably have around an 8 minute nancy, but I have to sit at a desk all day!

  14. Brooke

    Settle down boys.

    In the game of “my p*ni$ is bigger than yours,” Holly Mangold’s p*ni$ is bigger than both of yours…..

    See quote here for some awesomeness:

    “If you lift the weight perfectly, with your back tight, pushing off the floor like you’re pushing through the floor with the bar close to your body, bringing your hips in with a force of unbelievable-ness and plant into the weight, controlling it upward, not outward β€” it creates this beautiful, wonderful, weightless feeling. No matter what the weight is on the bar, it will feel weightless if you do it right.”

  15. Alicia

    3 + run rx’d

    Disgustingly out of shape. πŸ™ Was walking on the 2nd rnd. Struggled with trying to get a wider grip.

    Skipped cash out for vball playoffs and hopefully finals tonight.

  16. jen

    πŸ™‚ 3 rounds + 6 ohs @ 45 lbs
    Would have been 4 rounds except i no-repped 10+ focusing on keeping heels down, per B. It worked because most of the no reps were early on and pissed me off enough to keep them down!

    Thanks for the pep talk Allison! I appreciate it.

    20 burpees.

  17. nicola

    4 rds @ 55#

    Officially a disaster with my left arm going numb (again) and managing to bring the bar down on my head mid-WOD. Oh the funny looks I’ll get tomorrow with a nice shiny bruise smack in the middle of my forehead…

  18. marilina

    45# from rack
    super happy that I didn’t break the OHS, a terrible lift for me, and a first time event.

    Completely forgot about the cashout.

    I love my skirts.

  19. phillipc

    DNF – 4 rounds + run @85#…weight felt ok but right arm got numb, pins & needles in hand made me break up the sets

    Say 15 on the burpees, which is lame, although I jumped real high. Despite that, I still don’t look good naked (Coach lies!!)

    P.s. Anyone done a goruck? Wondering if there is any interest

  20. dlede

    16:51 rx’ed, like a 20 second PR.. all I wanted was unbroken and lost focus in second set and did 11-4.. all other rounds unbroken

    26 burpees

    nice work 630/730

    determination on the faces of nicola and jen.. awesome work

  21. Joe

    DNF – 4 rounds plus run @43# at 20 minute cutoff

    As sad as this is last Nancy I finished in 18:39 with the 22# bar. This time I used 43#. Even post shoulder issue I feel like I am making some slow progress. Started to feel more comfortable on the last set with my feet as B made me bring me feet closer together.

    Team old Balls doesn’t like OHS….but will be able to do more weight than Allison’s little brother one day….I swear!

  22. AllisonV

    WOD = 22:08 with 15# (maybe? I don’t know how to tell the 15# and 22# bars apart)

    Cash-Out = 11 burpees

  23. sassypants

    5k in 26:03 (PR)
    first mile in 8min. this was on a track though, so it was completely flat….albeit a nice tropical 83 degrees and 77% humidity…

    good work on Nancy everyone!