Workout of the DAy


Workout of the DAy

Metropolis Fitness – WOD

Sunday Sweat

Metcon (Calories)

Sunday Sweat 190310

5 rounds of:

:30 Single-Under jump rope

:30 1/2 Burpee to stand-up*

2:00 Row (Calories)

3:00 Rest
Each round, perform as many single-unders in 30 seconds, then

do as many 1/2 burpees to standing in 30 seconds then, row as many calories in 2 minutes.

Rest 3 minutes between each round of work (1:1 work/rest). No additional transition time.

Aim to keep your numbers consistent each round throughout the workout.

Record total calories rowed to Wodify.

*Half burpee to stand-up: Start standing, bring hands to ground, jump both feet back to push-up position (plank), jump both feet forward, stand.