Workout of the Day


Workout of the Day

Metropolis Fitness – WOD


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Olympic Weightlifting

Power Clean (5-3-3-1-1-1-1)

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Every 2 minutes perform the assigned reps of Power Cleans respective to the set you are on (7 sets total)

Build in weight throughout.

If you are newer to Olympic Lifts focus on practicing technique keeping the weight light (7×5)

Clean Pull (5×3)

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Immediately following the Power Cleans, Every 2 minutes perform 3 Clean Pulls.

Percentage is taken from today’s heaviest 1 rep Power Clean.

Focus on the first 2 pulls of the clean, with FAST EXPLOSIVE HIPS through the middle (second pull)

Keep load light focusing on technique of you are newer to the Olympic Lifts (5×5)


Metcon (No Measure)

metcon 190311

Tabatta double-unders/push-ups
8 rounds of 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest alternating

A) Double -Unders

B) Push-ups

No scale for double-unders

Scale push-ups with band assisted push-ups, then box push-ups (hands on box)

Cool-Down Flex

Standing calf stretch x :30E

Standing bent leg calf stretch x :30E

Standing single leg bent over hamstring pulse stretch w/ banded hip distraction 2x :15E

1/2 kneeling banded hip flexor stretch x :30E (band below glute of kneeling leg pulling forward)