Workout of the DAy


Workout of the DAy

Metropolis Fitness – WOD


Coaches Lead


10 minutes of Ring Muscle-up practice

3 x 10 sec extension holds

3 x 5 sec negatives

5 x 5 ring muscle up transitions

3 x 3 jumping muscle-up transitions

Ring muscle-up, no more than 10 reps

*work to the skill level you can do for this progression, continue to practice your highest level


Metcon (Time)

Metcon 100311

3 rounds for time

15 strict pull-ups

30 Abmat sit-ups

400 meter run
Aim to finish in 11-16 minutes

Break no more than twice each round of strict pull-ups. Scale with band assisted strict pull-ups or difficult ring rows.

Keep moving on the abmat sit-ups.

Keep a fast consistent pace in the run.

Cool-Down Flex

Banded lat stretch x :30E

Banded bicep stretch x :30E

Banded lying hamstring static stretch x 1:00E